Psychologists analyzed the most popular dreams and told us what teeth, rats and eroticism

Psychologists admit that the human psyche is a purely individual thing, that is why it is impossible for everyone to exist a universal “dream book”, but laws that are similar in many people can still be singled out.

In this sense, plot dreams are of particular interest. And especially if these plot dreams are repetitive. The exam, the chase or the roving in the labyrinth dreamed, probably, at least once to each of us.

Consider the most frequent scenes of dreams.

1. Pursuit and persecution

The psychic is arranged to some extent simply: we either want something, or we do not like something. This dream is just about that. The plot of escape speaks about the desire to escape from something in reality, and often in a dream the image of the object changes to a symbol, such a dream can be transformed into a plot of hunting, and the heroes of the chase will be, for example, animals. If the main thing in a dream is the image of the catch-up, that is, in a sense, “lagging behind”, this indicates an anxiety associated with day-to-day experiences and deeds.

Tip: Check the list of current affairs, evaluate which of them are really urgent and give them a maximum of time, the rest set aside. If the runaways often appear, think: what in your life you want so much to get rid of.

2. Examinations, school, university

As the psychotherapist of the Insight clinic Igor Lyakh explained, the unsuccessful examinations are usually filmed by those who had traumatic memories connected with this event. Often hide behind themselves unreacted sense of guilt or fear of punishment. Sometimes they have the character of obvious expectation. So, the return to school can dream before an unpleasant conversation.

Tip: These dreams often take place against the background of forgotten deeds or promises. Remember what you promised your relatives and did not do. Or, perhaps, you too often promised yourself to “start a new life”?

By the way, there is an opinion that the exam in a dream is usually the one that you actually successfully passed, so, so the subconscious says that you have resources to solve the current task. 

3. Earthquakes, floods, disasters

Denote the breakthrough of some serious things, a strong emotional tension. According to Mikhail Ozhinsky, the psychoanalyst, the leader of the dream analysis club, such dreams can mean either a strong anger (“so that everyone dies”), or strong tension, the inability to endure the current situation (“so that it all fails”).

Tip: Ask yourself the question: in what corner did you drive yourself and where do you want so much to get out?

4. Unpleasant animals (mice, snakes, cockroaches, rats)

Depending on the general context of the dream, you can both reflect your own fears, and signal about impending dangers, report problems. “The animals you are afraid of reflect your own fears, in some of which you are afraid to admit yourself,” explains Mikhail Ozhiinsky.

Tip: If you see the symbols of troubles, it is probably worthwhile to prepare for them morally. If it is a question of deep fears, then the first step in dealing with any of them is to accept that you have it, and do not be afraid to admit it to yourself.

5. Diseases, tooth loss, death and old age

As a rule, he dreams about the actualization of the theme of fear of death, fear of loss of a loved one, loss of love relations. In other words, something has already gone wrong, as we would like, a wrinkle or gray hair is noticed, but there’s no time to think about it.

Tip: These dreams often reflect the need for someone’s attention or the desire to show this attention on their own. Perhaps you just need to meet your friends and talk about life, and not drive away annoying thoughts, fears, fears and feelings about what really bothers you.

6. Erotic dreams

More common in men and accompanied by an erection. Women can lead to orgasmic sensations. Moreover, in women, the realization of the desires depressed in the waking state occurs more often in a dream. For example, sex with another partner, group sex, unusual places and unfamiliar experiences.

Tip: Oddly enough, just have fun. If there is a lack of sex in real life, then you know it and without dreams. If everything is in order, such dreams are a typical work of physiology.

Orgasm in a woman’s sleep is considered a very good sign, it means the ability to truly relax. 

7. Falling, flying, swimming in the water

Often such dreams reflect a strong desire to get rid of something or signify the accomplished fact of liberation, whether it be a person, a process or circumstance, says Igor Lyakh. Such dreams are often an indicator of psychological growth and the release or acquisition of important skills. The children’s saying “you fly – it means you are growing up” is full of deep meaning: in the childhood, the processes of mastering a new one go much faster. And water is a universal symbol of a breakthrough in the essence of things.

Advice: Enjoy the change. In your life there are changes, and dreams speak about it.

8. The theme of the road: cars, trains

Such dreams quite clearly reflect the desire for change. Often dreams against the background of boredom, stagnation, routine.

Advice: It makes sense to give life to changes. Any: from the change of curtains in the living room to the change of residence. The desire for change has accumulated so much that you began to see them in dreams. Begin at least a small one.

9. Getting lost, wandering through the labyrinth

A group of stories, often accompanying the inner work of making an important decision. It is often seen when a difficult decision is made on its own. Sometimes before situations that require a serious choice.

Tip: It is responsible to approach the decision. Any decision is more effective if taken consciously and you own a maximum of information.

10. To be naked on people (the situation of shame)

“Such dreams often accompany the reception of socially significant decisions. Especially if these decisions involve the risk of someone’s conviction, “summarizes Igor Lyakh. Such dreams speak about the assessments that people put to us, the fear of being who you really are.

Advice: Consider situations where there is a risk of social condemnation, what do other people’s assessments mean to you? Such dreams often require you to understand that you put yourself the most important marks in your life.

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