March 4, 2024

This is the woman Victoria Beckham relies on for crystal healing

Crystals might have long been synonymous with hippies but thanks to A-listers like Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham, they’ve become de rigour in women’s lives and skincare regimes.

If you haven’t jumped aboard the crystal bandwagon yet, have you been – excuse the pun – living under a rock? A-listers can’t stop raving about the beauty and wellbeing benefits of healing crystals.

In fact, Victoria is so enamoured with crystals and their benefits that she’s enlisted a crystal healer to work in her store.

Victoria has invited crystal healer and author of The Power Of Crystal Healing, Emma Lucy Knowles, to work in her Dover Street store to offer shoppers their own crystal healing session.

Taking to Instagram, Mrs B shared this post explaining…

“I carry crystals with me all the time and have included them in my #VBPreAW18 collection this season so I’m thrilled to be offering my followers the opportunity to have a complimentary Crystal Reading with @your_emmalucy at my #VBDoverSt store in London this Saturday! ,” she wrote.

If you’re keen to get zen but have no idea where to begin, we’ve called on VB’s go-to healer to give GLAMOUR readers the definitive guide to crystals and how you can use them to find love, get a promotion at work and even curb your drinking habits. You’re welcome.

Use rose quartz and sunstone to find love

If you’ve exhausted Tinder and dating apps in your quest for love to no avail then it’s time to arm yourself with these two power players: rose quartz and sunstone. Rose quartz has long been synonymous with love but Emma believes it’s essential to couple it with sunstone to reap the full effects in your search for “The One”.

She explains: “This power pairing will allow you to burn off the shadow of old lingering doubt, old patterns in old romance and flings and flood the ‘void’ with an abundance of love. ”

Use citrine and tiger’s eye to land your dream job

Emma suggests turning to another pairing while job searching by coupling tiger’s eye – the crystal that will kick the fear out of your heart and fill your gut with abundance – and citrine, which she says will help you move your inner compass point in the direction of positive, abundant and affluent change.

Use smoky quartz to cleanse

If you’ve overindulged and are looking to cleanse your body but can’t face a juice diet it’s time to purge the liver and cheer up the kidneys energetically with a hard-working high vibing crystal in the form of smoky quartz. “Think of it as a sauna for your soul,” says Emma. “You can meditate, sleep with it and carry it around push toxins to the earth and allow your mind to sit clearly and focused. ”

Use blue apatite to quit smoking

To change habits – and to feel motivated in the process when the going gets super tough – turn to blue apatite. “This crystal may not replace the sensation or the taste but it will allow you to take the reigns of self control and dull the cravings,” explains Emma. “For an extra kick, or to enhance the buzz, I would place a tumbled/polish piece into my bath and allow for an all over soothing calm. ”

Use citrine to make more money

If you want to boost your bank balance, Emma suggests adorning your home with citrine. “My extra tip here is to carry a small piece of clear quartz in your wallet or in your purse so that when you look into the depths of your purse or pockets and would normally think ‘it’s looking tight in there’, you’re seeing abundance instead. ”

Use chrysocolla to get fit

Emma recommends sleeping with this divine crystal under your pillow or on your bed side. “Set an intention to allow the crystal to charge you up as you sink beneath the duvet and feel ready and empowered when you awake to fight the voice that says you can’t and instead positively affirm from the heart that you can. ”

Use this trio to get over an ex

Emma suggests turning to a trio of treats here: tiger’s eye to stimulate the self-belief that the time was right for the “old love to fly”, rose quartz to have love and compassion for what has ‘gone’, and labradorite to reflect and remind yourself that the love you shared wasn’t brought to your heart but was reflected from within it.

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