Google’s New Restaurant Feature Will Solve Your Last-Minute Dinner Dilemmas

Google is adding a new feature to its search engine that will make going out to eat way less stressful, even with the dreaded large group.

In addition to listing restaurant’s busiest hours and windows of operation, the tech giant is rounding up its accumulated data to tell you how long your wait time will be during any given time. According to Tech Crunch, Google says the feature is set to go live today (although, we haven’t seen it yet) on desktop and mobile devices, with Google Maps integration soon to follow.

The feature will reflect wait times at nearly one million restaurants worldwide, helping you plan your meals both at home and while traveling. This innovation propels the search engine into competition with apps like NoWait, except unlike the app, you can’t put your name on a waitlist via Google.

The company says that once the feature goes live on Maps, it will also be able to tell you about wait times at grocery stores, allowing you to pick the stores with the least foot traffic just in time for holiday shopping.

While this may just be a redemption plan following the calorie-counting, mini cupcake fiasco, we can’t wait to see how it works.