The nail art trends you need to know, from retro swirls to chrome details

Autumn’s arriving any minute and to get a kickstart on the trends, we asked our favourite nail artists to spill the deets on their top trend predictions for next season, whether you’re more of a mani minimalist, or you want something super statement.

Who’s ready for a change of scenery? Us too.
So, if you want to swot up (and jump in) early, here’s the nail art trends to have on your radar…

Micro Frenchies

Dinky tips aren’t new, but they’ll be getting a seasonal makeover. “Dark micro french tips, created with black, or dark green polish, will be popular,” reveals luxury manicurist, Julia Diogo, who recommends “using darker shades with sheer nude bases to compliment your skin tone.”

The bonus? You can nod to this season’s biggest nail shades without the commitment. “It’s such a versatile design and perfect for the nail art minimalist, you can embrace the seasonal colours without committing to a block colour,” explains manicurist and minimal nail artist, Georgia Rae.

Retro swirls

Seventies styles and patterns have infiltrated our wardrobes and they’re playing out across our nails, too. “Retro swirls will still be very much trending,” predicts Julia, “again with the use of dark colours and a pop of white.” Nail maximalists can up the ante with bold and bright hues incorporating saturated seventies sunflower and turtle green shades.

Chrome details

If you’re looking for a bit of glitz, “I predict we’ll be seeing the return of metallics and chrome finishes worn as subtle details,” Georgia tells GLAMOUR. “I think chrome nails will start appearing again alongside glitters, agrees top nail artist, Iram Shelton.

Negative space manis

“Negative space manicures are here to stay,” explains celebrity manicurist, Michelle Humphrey (whose clients include Dua Lipa). “This is the trend where part of the nail bed is kept translucent, nude or sheer pink, so it looks like the design is floating on the top,” she adds. “Negative space manicures with a dark colours popping through will be popular,” agrees Iram.

Reverse Frenchie

The design has gained traction over summer, but “we’ll see a lot more of the reverse French (where the cuticle mirrors a french tip),” says Michelle. “The reverse french manicure is definitely here to stay,” seconds Julia. “This will again incorporate the use of dark colours for the A/W season.”


Not only are our nail artists becoming more experimental with their design, the tools and products at their disposal encourage innovation. “At the moment punchy dot manicures using The Gel Bottle Inc’s blooming gels are really popular,” says Michelle. They help to create a blurred watercolour effect for tie-dye, marble and snakeskin patterns. “Snakeskin mani’s are hot for the nail art maximalist,” notes Michelle.

Cut-out cuffs

Following on from negative space manis, if you want to incorporate a design element into block colour, a simple cut-out detail at the cuticle can be super effective.

The American Mani

“The French manicure has made a huge comeback, and the American manicure will be joining too,” explains Michelle. “This is where the tip is a much softer, natural looking white – it’s very ’90s and nostalgic and it’s becoming a huge hit with celebs. Dua Lipa is a huge fan of this trend,” she adds.

Mixed matte

“Dark matte nail colour with a glossy french tip work beautifully,” reveals Iram. “It can be kept minimal or, depending on the colour, can become a statement look. Everyone’s loving french manicures so we will definitely be seeing some dark tips in the mix moving into autumn,” she adds.

Natural and neat

And, if you want to go for an ultra minimalist look, “I’m seeing a huge wave in people wanting natural nails groomed and hydrated to perfection,” says Michelle. It’s simple, but classic

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