July 24, 2024

The decision of a question on a choice of methods of an epilation depends on a purse and quality of hair

Although we live in Siberia, the hair on the body as another way to warm up is not considered and try to get rid of excess vegetation. And if the issue with the bikini area remains for personal consideration, the hair-covered legs, and especially the armpits can become a social problem – not everyone around them agrees to look at them.

Today, beauty salons and shops offer a huge selection of hair removal options. The correspondent of SE considered the pros and cons regarding the main methods of getting rid of unnecessary hair.

Two big differences

Hair removal is called depilation and epilation. Depilation(de- and lat. pilus, hair) – removal of the hair shaft, which does not affect its main, “root” part – the hair bulb, as a result of which its growth is not violated.

Therefore, the effect of depilation is temporary. It includes shaving, plucking, getting rid of hair with the help of wax and creams. Epilation– removal with destruction of hair bulbs – more radical method, leading to a steady decrease in the number of unwanted hair. It includes electroepilation, light hair removal (laser and photo). Intermediate link can be called enzyme hair removal – a method of hair removal with the help of thermotherapy using substances that slow hair growth.

How much

If depilatory methods are easier to perform and cheaper, but the result does not last long, then hair removal is good because one course is enough for life, but it is impossible to perform it yourself and it costs much more than depilation. However, one course, for example, photoepilation, which will cost about 5000 rubles (10 hair removal procedures in the underarm area) will replace the monthly lifelong application of wax (a set of 5 strips – 200 rubles, one procedure in the salon – from 200 to 500 rubles. ). You can choose what you like and can afford, thinking about bodily hair.

But if the hair grows on the face, then, according to Anna Baranova, a cosmetologist doctor, specialist in trichology at the Lelea center, radical methods will be needed, because ordinary depilation will increase their growth.

In other cases (in the armpits, in the bikini zone, on the shins) it all depends on the quality of the hair and your abilities.

Quality and quantity

By the quality of hair is meant their color and thickness. Unfortunately, blond hair can not be liquefied with photo or laser hair removal. Light methods work on the pigment, so if the hair does not contain melanin (gray) or contains very little (blondes), then the effect of hair removal will not be. For dark, thick or thin hair, any method of epilation is suitable, but it must be taken into account that electrolysis is a long and painful process, laser is expensive and long, photoepilation is faster and cheaper, but laser is slightly more effective, and some specialists, for example Olga Vylegzhanina, a doctor -Dermatologist clinic “Pasman”, considers the most proven and effective method.

Follow the rules

Shaving black and thin hair turns into black and thick, which will always leave dark dots in the place of the cut, but this method is always at hand. Wax depilation thick black hair will gradually turn into black thin hair, but there is a high probability of ingrown hair – after mechanical removal they tend to change their growth angle, this leads to the fact that the hair begins to grow parallel to the skin, growing into it and forming pseudofollicles, which are prone to suppuration.

To combat this, Anna Baranova recommends to strictly follow all instructions for use, regularly (once a week, 3-4 days after the procedure) to use at depilation sites (especially the skin in the bikini area is prone to ingrown hairs) with body scrub or peeling – thinning skin, it helps the hair to free itself. After light hair removal, use lotions with a cooling effect that removes irritation. They are suitable for use and after other methods of getting rid of hair. If the ingrowth has occurred, then it is not recommended to open the follicle on its own, it is better to do it in the cabin, where it will prevent further inflammation.

Baldness does not work.

As for one hundred percent efficiency, no method, except perhaps hard radiation or X-ray radiation, can give it. More gentle methods of hair removal ensure the removal of approximately 70% of hair. The remaining 30% grow very slowly, they are thin, light and almost do not require extermination. However, there is a possibility of less effect:

“In hormone-dependent zones, it is difficult to predict the behavior of hair,” says Anna Baranova. “Hair on the lower legs is best destroyed – this area is not as much supplied with blood as, for example, armpits or bikinis, and it does not depend on hormones. ”

It is better not to

Talk about the testimony and contraindications. With a strong varicose veins – with knots, inflammations – any hair removal or depilation is contraindicated. If you are addicted to varicose veins, do not use wax. “In any skin diseases, especially in the acute stage, any hair removal is not recommended,” says Olga Vylegzhanina. – Although light methods have a rejuvenating and small healing effect, but armpits and shins rejuvenation is not so important.

It is more important to take into account that photoepilation is contraindicated for those with increased sensitivity to sunlight, and for those who have pigmented lesions on the skin. ”

In all skin diseases and allergies, you should avoid the use of depilation creams – the ingredients in them are destructive not only to the hair, but also to the skin, often causing severe irritation.

Well and in the rest – please, delete. But do not forget that if it is recommended to use additional drugs (creams, scrubs, disinfecting lotions), then this advice should be followed. Also, you should listen to the words of the cosmetologist telling you how to live with the epilation, and those who wrote the instructions to the home remedy for depilation. And you will be smooth.

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