June 19, 2024

The advantages of the cedar sauna procedure can be used at home

The word “bath” in the Russian language has long been virtually synonymous with the phrase “have a good time. ”He loves Russian steam. The body rests, the soul sings, the health strengthens, the body is purified.

Yes, in conditions of constant time trouble, a modern person has very few opportunities to spend a pleasant time in a sauna or a sauna. It’s a shame, because in another evening you want to relax so much, and in winter you also “warm up the bones”. In such cases, home portable saunas can be an excellent alternative: if there is a small amount of free space at home, you can solve the problem of evening warming once and for all.

About cedar barrels today, perhaps, did not hear only lazy. Many salons offer this simple, at first glance, but extremely useful procedure as a stationary event. Surprisingly, but the fact is: it turns out that a cedar barrel can be installed at home.

It is made of ecologically pure cedar. The form and appearance can be chosen according to your taste: whether round, oval, or a carved pattern – all individually. Each barrel is made by a professional bonder in accordance with the client’s wishes regarding the shape, size and appearance.

The advantages of the cedar sauna procedure can be used at home

It is quite natural to doubt whether it is possible to install a barrel in the house and how it is implemented in practice. It turns out that the barrel walls themselves do not heat up, accordingly, there is no heating of the surrounding space, and it can be installed in any room, for example, in a recreation room.

The barrel is heated to the required temperature in 15 minutes. After reaching the “working” temperature a person is placed in a barrel so that only his head remains on the surface, and the body is wrapped in pairs from infusions of medicinal herbs and essential oils. Moreover, the pairs of medicinal plants enter the body through the skin, so a person does not feel the sense of heaviness inherent in baths and saunas – he can easily breathe, there is no pressure on the circulatory system of the head, the body receives atmospheric air.

Therefore, the procedure is ideal for those who stay in a sauna or sauna is contraindicated. The procedure lasts 15-40 minutes and can be the main stage of medical wrapping or the preparatory stage before a therapeutic massage. Due to the lack of side effects, both children and elderly people can bathe in such a sauna:

For women, of course, the cosmetic effect is very relevant: you can safely sit in the barrel after intensive training in the hall. This will reduce pain in the muscles the next day and will enhance the drainage effect, which will simultaneously reduce the volume and prevent cellulite. Improving overall skin tone and getting rid of back pain will also be a pleasant bonus. And the positive energy of a natural tree helps to improve the psycho-emotional background, calms and gives harmony in the soul.

The advantages of the cedar sauna procedure can be used at home

Those who have not yet acquired an extra room for rest and relaxation, but also very much want to have a sauna in the house if not a sauna in the yard, or a sauna with infrared radiation.

This sauna in the folded state resembles a tent, and not for nothing: it is very loved by summer residents and those who prefer active recreation in nature. Summer, of course, has passed, but in the cold season the application of this device can be found with even greater success: a portable sauna in a few minutes from a compact “suitcase” is going to a cozy “heat house”.

The secret of it is that the walls are equipped with special infrared emitters. Infrared heat is also called soft, because it is close in its characteristics to the heat emitted by the person himself, and thus is for us a natural source of vital energy. Long-wave infrared radiation is resonantly absorbed by human cells, therefore, in the process of being in this sauna cell activity increases rapidly, as a result, blood circulation is improved and metabolism is accelerated. The main positive effect of the portable infrared sauna is that it promotes the transfer of blood from the internal organs to the limbs and skin without the negative effects associated with increased blood pressure.

The advantages of the cedar sauna procedure can be used at home

The thermal effect of a portable sauna is the same as that of a large infrared sauna made from wood, and therefore, a similar therapeutic effect. Advantages of a portable sauna – in a small amount of time and energy for the session, a high effective fight against fatigue, preventing colds and other diseases, the possibility of people using different ages, small dimensions and low cost.
Discovering the secret of cozy home warmth, you can hardly refuse from the comfort presented by a home sauna. Today, any city dweller, and not just a successful owner of a country house, can afford health care for all members of his family with this ancient method, which does not lose the effectiveness of the newfangled procedures.

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