The 12 Most Self-Indulgent Items We Want From Oprah’s Favorite Things List

The season of shopping wouldn’t be complete without Oprah Winfrey’s annual list of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Every November, the “Queen of all Media” releases a curated collection of really, really good gift ideas, including electronics, clothing, household items, and more.

But forget gifting! You’re going to want this stuff all for yourself. Just be warned: If you bought all 102 items from her list this year, it would cost you a pretty $13,400 (or, $12,200 if you use her discounts).

That’s why we compiled a list of the top products to indulge in. Whether it’s on the snuggly blankets and lavish loungewear or the cool kitchen gadgets, we give you permission to splurge.

Emi Jay Smooshshirts and Smooshpants($132 to $136; emijay.com)

Luxury loungewear is must, right? Lady President Oprah says so.

“Now, this is my travel gear. Chic sweatwear proves it’s possible to end a long plane or car ride without looking like a crumpled napkin. If I could, I’d live in these.” – Oprah

Buffalo Check and Sydney Herringbone Stripe Throws ($128; landsdownunder.com)

These cashmere blankets are the definition of hygge.

“Not only do I want to see this cashmere-soft throw on my sofa, but I’d also wrap it around my shoulders on a chilly night.” – Oprah

Scented Candles set by Joya ($189; FinesseTheStore.com)

You get a candle! You get a candle! You all get a candle! All jokes aside, apparently these smell like Michelin-starred restaurants, and I’m all in.

“For a while there, I was all candled out. The scent has to be subtle for me. These are – and they’re formulated to re-create the ambience of four incredible restaurants: Bouchon, Ad Hoc, the French Laundry, and Per Se. One whiff and I’m ready to make a reservation.” – Oprah

Tequila Blanco and Joven ($75 to $285; casadragones.com)

Oprah-approved booze? You don’t have to tequila me twice.

“Well, here it is again! I’ve sampled tequilas all over the world, but Casa Dragones is still my go-to. Blanco is delightful mixed into cocktails, but the one I love for sipping on its own is Joven. It’s a blend of silver and extra-aged tequila – and believe me, it ages gracefully.” – Oprah

Smart Nora Contact-Free Snoring Solution ($299; smartnora.com)

Totally giving this to my bf (but shh…it’s really a gift for me).

“If you sleep with a snorer, you’re going to love the Smart Nora. It eliminates the need to elbow someone in the ribs to get him or her (him!) to stop. The battery-powered Nora senses snores and gently pumps air into a pillow insert, shifting the snorer’s head and neck to help him breathe easier (quieter!).” – Oprah

Hunter Women’s Original Fitted Down Coats ($475 to $495; hunterboots.com)

Who knew a puffer coat could be so chic?

“The Michelin Man has left the building. These down- and feather-filled coats are plenty sleek, and they have a detachable faux-fur hat that can be worn two ways. I’m loving the gold.” – Oprah

Ninja Intelli-Sense System with Auto Spiralizer ($270; ninjakitchen.com)

I’ll take any motivation to eat healthier right about now…

“Imagine a single appliance that transforms into four, with 12 Smart Programs that help you create everything from salad dressings and smoothies to chopped fruits and spiralized veggie pasta. Miracles do happen!” – Oprah

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9500 Series ($270; philips.com)

File this one under personal care.

“The first Sonicare made the list 20 years ago, and it’s only gotten better – literally one of my favorite things that I use twice a day. This year’s version is a smart toothbrush with an app that gives feedback on brushing habits, four supereffective brush heads for different cleaning modes, and sensors to adjust intensity or tell you if you missed a spot. Trust me, you’ll look for excuses to brush.” – Oprah

BeatsX Earphones ($150; apple.com)

These are the perfect workout companion.

“These lightweight wireless earphones really put a great-sounding song in my heart. They charge superfast (five minutes will give you up to two hours of tunes), and the magnetic buds cling together, making them easy to keep around your neck.” – Oprah

BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box Kit ($150; shop-usa.bakerstonebox.com)

Because who says no to pizza?

“Actually, that’s a kit that turns your outdoor grill into a gourmet pizza oven. It’s also perfetto for the foodie in your life.” – Oprah

Asobu Insulated Portable Brewer ($50; AsobuBottle.com)

I’m jittery with excitement over this pick.

“Cold brew is a new thing for me. Have you tried it yet? Real cold brew is steeped, like sun tea. This coffee brewer holds 40 ounces and stays cold for 24 hours.” – Oprah

L’OBJET Bath Salts ($60 to $150; L-OBJET.com)

Pardon me while I go soak away the fact that I just spent my life savings.

“The black-violet glass bottles help the natural extracts and dried botanicals in these bath salts maintain their potency, but I just like the sophisticated design (the large one is grand at 68 ounces) and three exquisite scents.” – Oprah

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