Tablet against cellulite

Popular means from the “orange peel” only affect the skin and metabolism, but do not get rid of the problem. Medieval paintings allow you to be surprised to see that the problem of cellulite existed many centuries ago.

However, this bodily phenomenon was not considered a problem then – the ladies of their hips did not hesitate, the artists wrote models with admiration. It’s hard to believe, but cellulite was even in the USSR! True, they called it differently, but to fight, unlike the Middle Ages, they offered, and with serious means.

In recent decades, the problem of cellulite – one of the most important on the planet. The fact that she prepared for the beach season the beauty industry to combat the tuberosity of the hips, recognized the correspondent of SE.

Cellulite is considered by few to be a disease, rather – a minor cosmetic defect, a secondary sexual sign or a consequence of obesity. So in the book “Introduction to the Study of Physiotherapy” published in 1959, there is no word “cellulite”. However, there is a separately described disease, not attributed to secondary signs of any disorder in the body: lipodystrophy, in the description of which the “orange peel” is easily guessed.

“Cellulite is a separate disease,” says Natalia Shmachkova, a top-level therapist and center of family medicine “Zdravitsa.” – That this is definitely not just a cosmetic defect, even the end of the word (-it) says, which means inflammation in medicine. ” That is, if it hinders, it must be treated!

Magic powder

Get a tablet that can, like a magic wand at one time, make a monster out of a monster a princess – a dream of any girl, even a beauty: you always want to look better. The fight against cellulite is so complex and time-consuming that you want to swallow a pill from the “orange peel”, perhaps even more than a pill to increase your breast. And – about a miracle! – advertising offers at last special preparations from these ladies’ troubles. Cost, for example, additives Inneov Zellustech – about 1100 rubles packaging, designed for a month. But are they so good?

“Anti-cellulite preparations taken internally in the form of powders, tablets, dietary supplements contain mainly extracts of plants that improve the course of metabolic processes, explains the dietician of the medical center “Effect” Natalia Salnikova. – For example, caffeine – it perfectly stimulates metabolism. But if you only rely on pills and do not change anything in your way of life, then the success of curing cellulite is unlikely. ”

With the fact that it will not be worse from the pills, but also better, the therapist Zdravitsy agrees: “Cosmetic preparations and dietary supplements promote blood circulation stimulation, improve general tone, mineral metabolism, have antioxidant effect, somewhat reduce appetite. However, the use of only tablets or dietary supplements will not solve the problem completely. ”

It’s good to cover up

. In 1959, physicians with displeasure noted that even with vigorous physical exertion, physiotherapeutic and balneological procedures, a diet and a general weight loss on a skinny, muscular body, fatty, tuberculous seals in the thighs or abdomen were more noticeable. “Cellulite is also found in thin people,” confirms the dietitian. “It’s not just superfluous fat, it’s changes in the structure of adipose tissue, often accompanied by inflammation or swelling.” When a person grows thin, the fat layer inside shrinks together with the release of sebum – often a drop in kilograms is accompanied by dry skin, flabbiness and loss of tonus. But the dense and elastic skin allows you to more effectively camouflage all the irregularities of the subcutaneous tissues.

Creams for cellulite are designed primarily for this – improving the skin, but the miracle of the drug does not have to wait: “Body creams, including anti-cellulite, have a toning and strengthening effect,” explains Olga Vylegzhanina, a dermatologist clinic of the clinic professor . Pasman. “But all these tools are good only as support in an integrated approach, one should not rely on them alone.” The warming-up, cooling, firming drugs of the Fitness-Line series in orange jars cost from 100 to 200 rubles, the French brand Vichy – about 1000 rubles.

Salon fight

In the middle of the last century, the only way to combat lipodystrophy was to consider the thermal effect, which was designed to improve blood circulation in these tissues, which were essentially cut off from metabolism. Today, increased blood flow in the affected areas is also considered a serious help to the body.

“Cryosauna, where the circulation increases with the help of cold, the skin turgor, contrast baths, cold or heat effect or alternations are the most effective procedures for today,” says Natalia Salnikova. There is one session of cryosauna about 500 rubles, contrast baths – 200 rubles.

There is also a jump

In addition, do not forget about the diet. “It is important to remember the correction of nutrition,” the dietitian Natalia Salnikova warns. – Limit fats, digestible carbohydrates, consume more antioxidants. ” In the diet should not be refined foods: refined sugar, white bread, white rice and vermicelli, do not lean on fatty meat, pastries. You need to eat salad and cabbage, vegetable greens, grain bread, porridge on the water, fish, seafood.

Fruits are better off separately from the main reception, during the day. As for the physical exercises, according to Anna Karagodina, the manager of the Remix club, there are no special classes that fight exactly with the orange peel: “In the removal of cellulite, massage and cosmetic procedures are effective, and physical exertion helps to reduce the fat layer, especially good cycling,

If you start now, then, of course, you do not pump up cubes on the press a month before the beach season, but with regular classes – 3-4 times a week to pull up the body is quite realistic. ” 

Let’s summarize: what is the scheme of a targeted fight against cellulite? A special diet, physical exercise to burn fat, use external rubbing and, possibly, internal remedies – all combine with physiotherapy. And the last warning from the doctor-therapist Natalia Shmachkova: “You can not carry out cellulite treatment without taking into account the general state of the body, as in most cases the cause is the somatic problems (pathology of internal organs) that contribute to its appearance and progression.”

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