April 20, 2024

People share their disgusting habits & it ain’t pretty

The internet decided to share some of their most disgusting habits to the world, and it’s something y’all need to see.

WARNING: Shit is kinda nasty.

Proceed anyway, you dirty devil.

“I always pop my pimples and blackheads then wipe the residue on the hall. I like to think of it as my growing mural of puss. ”

“I cum on the floor and just spread it around and don’t clean it. ”

“I’ve always enjoyed digging giant boogers out of my nose, then sticking them on a nightstand or something so I can pick at ’em later. ”

“I do something I never heard from anyone else before, so if you do this, tell me. When I have to fart and I am laying in bed, I put my hand down my pants and pull my buttcheeks apart. I then let one finger hovering above my anus and let it feel the wind from my fart. I don’t know why, I just do this. ”

“After using my vibrator, I wipe it off with the sheet. It pretty much never gets a proper cleaning (to be fair, it’s never used internally and it’s never been a problem). ”

“I don’t use tampons or pads. I roll up toilet paper into a little log and stick it between my labia – kind of like a homemade pad. My periods are never heavy, so it works like a charm 99% of the time, saves money, and there’s (almost) always some available. The only singular time it was ever a problem was when I woke up one morning and went to the bathroom and realized it was missing. I came back out and saw my boyfriend staring at it on the floor in the hallway, asking me “what the fuck is that? ””

“I keep a piss cup by my bedroom so I don’t have to leave my room to use the bathroom. Get on my level. ”

“I once horrified my husband by sticking a hand down my pants to check if my period had come or not. And when I came up with a small amount of blood on my finger, I…licked it off. I thought he was going to vomit, but like, it’s just blood! If you got a paper cut, you’d suck the blood off, right? ”

“I can’t handle wiping my ass with just toilet paper. What asshole in history decided we would wipe our tender asses with a dry sheet of paper that cannot possibly clean all our mud-like shit? So I prefer ti have a pack of baby wipes by my toilet at all times…HOWEVER, this is not always possible…in which case, I find the nearest towel, wet a corner of it a little bit, and polish my rectum with it. It feels excellent having that squeaky clean anus. Just know, if I’m over at your house and you don’t have wipes in the bathroom…. . you might want to wash your handtowels after I leave. ”

If I have a scab, ingrown hair, etc. I pick it, no matter what, if it’s a scab or a piece of skin I eat it after. ”

“I get really giddy about mucous chunks, ie bronchitis stuff, and uterine casts. I play with them before I rinse them down the drain. ”

“As a teenager I picked scabs off my head and saved them in a jar. ”

“I love to clean my ears out with a bobby pin, catching the waxy shit in the loopy bit of it, and then I assess how filthy my ears are by looking at the wax I’ve compiled on a tissue. ”

“I used to keep my tissues after wanking just to be able to keep count of how many times I’ve wanked throughout the week. ”

What are some of your gross habits? Let us know in the comments!

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