Our curated edit of the best get well soon gifts is just the medicine to make your loved one’s day

As we’re now back in lockdown, if your loved one is unwell – and not part of your household or bubble – there’s no popping over to take them a chicken soup or bunch of flowers to send them on the road to recovery.

Ah winter, the season of fabulous coats and cosy nights in on the sofa, long country walks (in a pair of stylish walking boots natch).. and coughs, sniffles, colds and the flu. Oh, and that *little* pandemic known as Coronavirus which, as we’ve hit the cold winter months, has seen more cases daily than previously ever recorded in England.

So whether it’s Covid, flu or another illness, chances are over the next few weeks and months, you’ll know a few people feeling pretty under the weather (if you don’t already).

Get well soon gifts can seem like a relic from our generations passed; along with handwritten thank you cards and homemade gifts. The humble get well soon gift is a gesture that, over time, has fallen by the wayside – replaced by a quickly fired off ‘get better soon xx’ text.

But now, whether it’s due to not being able to see our loved ones IRL or the fact that the pandemic has made has all realise how fragile our health can be, the gesture of sending a gift to someone whose fallen ill is a trend that’s on the increase. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of such a such a pressie, you’ll know just how much it’s appreciated – no matter how small.

The question however is, what exactly to send as a thoughtful get-well gift? Engagement gifts, birthday presents (even through lockdown) and gifts for new mums – we have all of those down to a fine art but with the best get well soon gifts, you might find yourself at a loss of what to send. Luckily, we’ve done some research to track down the hampers, flowers, new books and little treats that will have your loved one smiling (even through their illness).

From the most practical gifts – batches of freshly made chicken broth anyone? – to the more indulgent, like this Aromatherapy Associates Bodycare Gift Set to a cosy robe for them to convalesce in, our edit of get well soon gifts is just the medicine to get your loved one on the mend.

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