Margot Robbie’s makeup artist reveals her insider tricks for red-carpet-ready makeup

I always prep the skin with a sheet mask before applying any makeup. I often use Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks and layer it with the sheet mask over the top, especially if they’ve been running around and need a little bit of a refresh.

Double-masking helps to address all concerns at the same time but also helps restore calm and confidence to incorporate a few minutes of pampering.

Pati Dubroff is a red-carpet aficionado and one of Hollywood’s most revered makeup artists, having worked with celebrities like Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and British beauty Margot Robbie.

We spoke to Pati to get all her red-carpet tricks and insider makeup tips.

”Before you contour with makeup, you must contour with your fingers

I spend a good amount of time massaging the face. Margot especially loves a massage to boost circulation and restore vitality. We hold so much tension in our jaw, it makes such a difference to work out that build up and helps to bring out the nature contours of the face. I really massage under the cheekbones and along the jaw, away from the centre of the face to move any fluid along and help with lymphatic drainage. If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I would definitely be a massage therapist.

”There are a few products I can’t be without”

I use Rodial Eye Sculpt on every single one of my celebrity clients. It’s this perfect neutral tone that gives the eye a tiny bit of contour without looking like you’ve applied anything. I either use it as a base for a bold look or on its own to make eyes look less puffy. The other two products I always keep in my kit is a Surratt Relevée Lash Curler a great lip balm. Those three are my absolute desert island products.

”Always use more than one shade of lipstick – always”

I would never use just one shade or one texture when I’m doing lips. I focus the more vibrant shade or the brighter colour in the centre of the lip and add in super subtle contours at the sides. You would never be able to detect it, but it creates the illusion of a fuller lip.

”Margot is fearless when it comes to her beauty looks”

For the “I, Tonya” premier, Margot was wearing that Louis Vuitton sequin dress in dark grey silver.

The predictable way for me to do the makeup for this look would be to do a grey smoky eye but I thought that felt too dated. The white in the dress kept catching my eye and I thought it would be so cool to play on that brightness. I showed Margot a few runway pictures of white eyeliner, some were very stark and graphic and some were these soft, angelic washes. She was like, “Go for it! Go for the strong look. Let’s not be wishy washy with it.” What I love about her is she is fearless, some clients are so much more timid.

Earlier in the year, Pati Dubroff revealed the key products she used on Margot at her I, Tonya, event in London to give her that coveted beauty look with white liner.

Pens at the ready.

Pati teamed up with British beauty brand, Rodial, to work her magic on Margot (not that she needs much help in the looks department).

To create a flawless, dewy base, Pati swears by the Rodial Skin Tint 02 Hamptons.

“I did a very gentle contour and cool highlight with a soft peach pink flush all from the Rodial The Icons Collection Palette,” explained the beauty guru.

Revealing how she gives Margot that bright-eyed look, she explained that white eyeliner is her secret weapon. She said: “I used the matte taupe shade from above palette to contour eye and then did a graphic white eyeliner at the lashline.”

When it comes to mascara, Pati takes a less is more approach, explaining: “I did a small amount of mascara using the Rodial Glamolash Mascara Skinny.”

“Overall the look is very futuristic yet sixties,” she added.

BRB while we buy the whole Rodial makeup collection.

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