July 23, 2024

Iskra Lawrence Brought Summer Style to Beautycon

Is there any treat more quintessentially summer than those Popsicle Firecracker ice pops? You know the ones: chaped like a rocket, with cherry red, white and blue flavors what are the flavors of the blue and white? .

Iskra Lawrence in PH5 at BeautyCon 2018.

Between the bright colors and the cooling effect of the popsicle, theyre warm weather personified.

It seems like that was the vibe Iskra Lawrence was channeling for her Saturday appearance at Beautycon 2018. Wearing a red, white and blue striped knit jumpsuit from PH5, Lawrence brought summer to New York City a little early.

Were loving the cutout set just at the top of the abs, which adds visual interest to the lewk and further accentuates Lawrences body-ody-ody. The frayed denim sandals are a great detail.

Rounding out the summer vibes are Lawrences beachy-blonde hair and a bright red lip — not to mention that killer smile. Its enough to make a girl want to pack up her things and move to the beach.

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