How to… wear pink head-to-toe without looking like a total Barbie doll

When was the last time you wore a full pink look? Have you since you were 10-years-old?

Unless she’s your eternal style icon (no judgement here), the fear of looking like Barbie can put many of us off wearing pink head-to-toe – but it needn’t.

The candy floss hue is having a real moment right now, and there’s officially no such thing as ‘too much’. If anyone tells you otherwise, send them my way…

But how to embark on the tricky trend? We’d first suggest a total lack of fear.

How to… dress appropriately for a job interview in any industry

Whether you opt for pastel or punchy – both ends of the blushing colour spectrum are equally flattering, and work particularly well together if you’re brave enough to embark on our other favourite trend: tonal dressing.

Totally appropriate for both #werk and play, here are our dream lewks for any occasion…

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