How To Like Someone on Bumble

TechJunkie’s recent Bumble coverage has generated quite a few emails asking us questions on how to use the app, how it works and all that good stuff. One question that took us by surprise was from a female user who asked us how to like someone on Bumble.

We aren’t dating experts. We are just a bunch of people with a range of experience with online dating.

This is one of those times when a level of knowledge is taken for granted so I thought it the perfect excuse to provide a very basic overview of how to match with someone on Bumble and then a few reasons why we match with them.

How to match with someone on Bumble

First, to that original question. Liking is for Facebook, matching is for Bumble and Tinder and the myriad of other dating apps. To like someone is to match with them an open the path to a conversation and perhaps more. If you like someone on Bumble, all you need to is look at their pictures, check out their bio and then swipe right. If you don’t like the look of them, just swipe left.

Dating apps gamify dating. They take aspects of gaming such as the swiping action, jeopardy in the form of ‘will they won’t they’, time limits and points and prizes in order to make us engage more with them. If you know this, you can work with it. You can then get more out of it.

Why we match with someone on Bumble

As with normal dating, we all make decisions for different reasons. Sometimes it may be as simple as you like the picture or the bio. Or it may be a little more complex. When researching our Bumble coverage, I asked lots of users why they swipe right on people. Aside from the obvious looks answer, there were a few surprising reasons.

  1. You live in a neighborhood I would love to live in.
  2. You look like you’ll buy me lots of dinners or drinks.
  3. What do I have to lose?
  4. You have a very cool job.
  5. You’re wearing a uniform in your picture.
  6. You have an interesting bio and most people don’t.
  7. You seem funny or easy going.
  8. You know the different between your and you’re.
  9. I like your dog/cat/horse/other animal in your pic.
  10. You’re friends with someone I’m trying to make jealous.
  11. I wanted to see if you would swipe right on me too.
  12. You look like someone I’m already obsessed with and I can’t have them so you will do.
  13. Your profile pic looks different that most of the others.
  14. I’m bored/horny/curious/desperate.
  15. You’re here on a cultural exchange or are studying abroad.
  16. You’re tall/thin/fat/muscly/shapely.
  17. You’re a criminal and I’m compiling evidence to help convict you.
  18. You’re amazingly sexy in your duck hunting gear.
  19. We went to school together and I just want to reminisce.
  20. I’m after an ego boost.
  21. You own a guitar.
  22. There are no emojis in the bio.
  23. You have a beard and/or full head of hair.
  24. You hint at emotional unavailability.

Those are just 25 of the many reasons people have stated they might swipe right on someone in Bumble. Some are obvious while some not so much. Some are outright surprising and all of them are useful to bear in mind when putting together your Bumble profile.

Some of those answers are purely subjective. Not everyone likes duck hunting or is looking to replace a person they have an obsession with. Many of the answers are actionable though.

Reading some of them, you can get an idea of how to compile an effective dating profile. Include some very good images that show you as cool and relaxed. If you have a dog, use it in a pic. If you play guitar or other cool instrument, make sure to feature it. If you have hair or a beard, make sure it is tidy and groomed. If you’re from somewhere exotic, make sure to mention it and if you wear a uniform to work, you must, must have a pic of you wearing it!

When writing your bio, use spellcheck and then ask someone else to check it. Emojis have their place in society but that is not in a dating bio. Keep it short, simple and funny if you can. Nobody likes a narcissist.

Finally, mention some cool aspects of your personality but also leave a lot to mystery. People love mystery. Try to provoke questions rather than answer them as it gives the reader a reason to message you. Follow some or all of those guidelines and you should begin experiencing more success on Bumble. Good luck out there!

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