From air purifiers to timed swimming slots, this is what a post-lockdown spa will look like

Naturally, spas, much like the rest of the hospitality industry, have been shut due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and when they do reopen, things are going to be a little different that what we’re used to.

While spas are, by their very nature, pretty hygienic places, new and extra measures will be taken to ensure we’re all better protected.

If there was a time we ever felt most in need of a spa treatment, now is most definitely it. Months of uncertainty, loneliness and stress has got us seriously craving a bit of TLC.

Ah, how we’ve been dreaming of a luxury spa experience, a day of pure self-love, where can indulge in as many muscle-melting massages as we need, not to mention body wraps and snooze-inducing facials, all washed down with soundtrack of lapping waves and rose water body oil.

Here’s an insight into what spas will look like after lockdown…

Expect face masks, pre-treatment safety consultations and no magazines

While the government has yet to announce official guidelines for the beauty industry, the British Beauty Council worked with industry bodies to put together some suggested recommendations for spa and hair salon staff ahead of reopening. These include only accepting card payments and that PPE should be worn by both staff and guests.

Spabreaks.com too have suggested the use of face masks: “Therapists will also ensure face coverings are worn during treatments.”

The industry body has also said that communal areas like changing rooms will need strict management with plenty of hand sanitising stations and, much like the retail industry, help implement social distancing with floor markings.

Spabreaks.com told us other suggested measures for their spas include “increased timings between bookings, and sanitisation of areas between treatments”, with the use of air purifiers and “special consultation forms can be used to determine if it is safe for guests to visit prior to arrival.”

Cecily Spa in Hertfordshire says anyone visiting should expect to have their temperature checked before starting treatment with no magazines or refreshments expected.

Swimming is OK but facials are off the cards

If you’re wondering whether a dip in the spa swimming pool will be allowed, according to the World Health Organisation, there’s little is little evidence to suggest that coronavirus can be passed through water and chlorine kills it so pools, themal baths and wet areas are pretty safe.

That said, upon reopening, spas will need to take precautions. According to Spabreaks.com, guests should expect time slots for using pools and thermal areas.

According to Helena Grzesk, general manager of the UK Spa Association, some treatments will be off limits for a while. She told The Independent: “We expect a phased approach, with limited facilities on reopening,” and added, “Rightly or wrongly, it’s generally expected by the industry, that facial treatments might need to be suspended temporarily. There is reasoning that a body massage may be a better option for spas to offer, as the guest will face away from the therapist.”

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