J-Lo just made the wavy bob the perfect autumnal hairstyle trend

J Lo’s hairdresser, Chris Appleton, who also works with the Kardashian, took to Instagram to share this snap of the age-defying star with the new style. “It’s the length for me,” he wrote. Same hun, same.

I’ve always championed long hair and I’m one of those much-loathed people at the hairdressers who begs ‘please only take a tiny bit off’ as my hairdresser surveys my split ends in disdain. But wait! After marvelling at so many incredible variations on the bob over lockdown, I think I’m tempted to go for the chop.

The last few months alone has given us the French bob, the shattered bob, the micro bob, the collarbone bob and the asymmetrical bob which means there’s room to experiment and tailor the trend to you, even within the same style. The one I’m really into right now? The wavy bob, as modelled by J-Lo.

Whilst I’m highly aware I’ll never be able to pull off the look quite like she does, it’s the ideal haircut for anyone with curly hair. It’s low-maintenance, high reward and as we brace ourselves for the potential of a second lockdown, I’ll do whatever it takes to prep my hair for a second wave.

As Jay Birmingham, celebrity hairdresser and owner of Jay Birmingham Hair, explains, J Lo is bang on trend. “2020 is the major bob movement, long hair simply isn’t that interesting anymore,” he said. “This undone, modern look has messy-chic ‘off duty model’ vibes to it.”

Likewise, GLAMOUR columnist, Larry King, agrees, noting that this style is absolutely perfect if you’ve got a natural wave or curl. “It’s cute, feminine and fun. It also feels fresh compared to all the beach waves we’ve seen in recent years.”

After taking the plunge at your hairdressers, at-home maintenance is key. When styling your curly bob at home, start with wet hair and use a good curl creme before diffusing your ends with a hairdryer. For maximum volume a la J Lo, tip your head upside down and blow-dry that way.

If your curls don’t naturally fall into place, take a curling iron and curl sections of different thickness, and alternate the direction of the curls with some curling towards your face and others curled away. The main thing to remember when achieving this look is to leave the ends out.

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