July 15, 2024

Flannel hair will be everywhere when autumn arrives

The heatwave has disappeared, festival season is almost over, and autumn is officially on its way in.

Apart from terracottas and purples set to be the colour of the season, there’s another very specific trend set to be taking over our insta feeds- flannel hair.

Though it might not sound like the most appealing term, flannel hair is just the fancy way of describing hair with lots of copper, auburn and mulled wine tones to it. Think Lana Del Rey. Ginger is BACK with a bang, people!

And hairdresser to the stars, Sharon Dorram, told Allure that taking the leap can be very complimentary to the skin and overall appearance.

“I love creating this colour for people who want a change because it can be so opulent. ”

“I always see a spike in this trend around August because people are so tired from being overbleached from summer, and look to add rich and deeper hues into their look. ”

Some of our faves including Florence Welch and Bella Thorne already rock this colour year-round, and we might just be joining them very soon.

Wondering how to maintain your new redhead? Here are the best shampoo and conditioners keep it looking vibrant…

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