June 20, 2024

Caloric Value

Low-calorie diet can lead to skin problems and exacerbation of chronic diseases. A losing weight always has an untouchable stock – its calories accumulated in fat.

Accordingly, from this wealth you want to get rid of as quickly as possible. In the course are various ways, like life itself. It is often used a diet based on a decrease in caloric intake.

The fact that it is useful to torture yourself with small portions of food and whether it will lead to the desired effect, recognized the correspondent of SE.

A big difference

“The cause of increased body weight is always an imbalance between the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy consumed. So, in order to lose weight, you need to reduce the amount of energy consumed and increase its consumption, “says MD, MD, a nutritionist at the Road Clinical Hospital Marina Kogan.

That is why a diet based on reducing the calorie intake is considered to be the most appropriate dietetics in the matter of losing weight.

The main sources of food calories in our diet are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. But, despite the fact that all kinds of food calories serve as a source of energy for the body, not all of them play the same role in the deposition of fat. So, when burning 1 gram of proteins and carbohydrates in the body, the body will receive only 4 kcal, but 1 gram of fat gives twice as much – 9 kcal. Thus, the same amount of different food helps us to grow slim or to grow “ears” on the hips.

Slender step

The first step decided on the diet is simple: you need to calculate your body mass index. This, as we recall, the body weight (in kg) divided by the height (in m) in the square. If the number is more than 25 – you can lose weight, if the index is more than 30, then you can not lose weight simply, but you also need it – for health, because this indicator already signals obesity. In addition, there are calculators that will help you calculate the average calorie dosage you need.

As doctors explain, the number of calories required per day depends on the sex, age and lifestyle of a person. So, a strong man, engaged in manual labor, may require twice as many calories as a fragile girl working at a computer.

On average, doctors agree: 1800 kcal per day is enough for an average woman who does not pull bags and does not run long distances.

Step two – you need to start a diary of nutrition and pedantically record there everything that is eaten for the day (including juices, sauces and sweets). To calculate the total calorie content, you can use the tables: today most of the culinary sites on the Internet have caloric tables for both mono-products and ready-made meals.

To start losing weight more actively, the diet can be cut even more, but not more than 1300 calories per day. “This amount of calories will be enough to cover the basic exchange, to maintain all vital functions of the body plus a small reserve for minimal physical activity,” – justifies the figure Olga Poznyak, a dietician at the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition. On this diet, you can sit for 2-4 weeks: to cut down the calorie is stronger – it’s dangerous, and to eat scantily for more than a month there is no sense, and there’s not much use.

As explained by a nutritionist, the body gets used to a small number of calories and begins to spend less, slowing down, including the main exchange. Therefore, weight usually goes into the first month, the number of kilograms will depend on how great the difference with the usual diet, but then comes the weight plateau effect. Weight will not decrease any more, and therefore it is not worth further to irritate the body with a low number of calories. Calories should be sufficient, but not more than 1800.

Useful habits

In a low-calorie diet there are undoubted advantages. Firstly, its very principle is such that it excludes fatty foods. The fact is that a large amount of animal fats or a combination of fats and carbohydrates primarily leads to body weight gain. So, having excluded them, it is quite possible not to limit yourself too strictly in portions and volumes of other dishes.

This diet allows you to think and accustom yourself to the right choice of foods, replacing empty, “harmful” calories with “useful” ones. After all, in some cases, you can not reduce calorie content. Our task is to make calories “useful”.

So, we replace white sugar with cane or honey. Loaves are for bran and gray bread, and potatoes for buckwheat.

Difficulties of translation

One of the main difficulties that will have to face is calorie counting. Experts admit: at home, few can count them accurately, and even more so, because the method requires great patience and diligence. It is important to learn how to recognize the sources of “invisible” calories – these are various semi-finished products: sausages, sausages and cutlets. And also mayonnaise and all shop sauces based on it.

Another serious argument “against” is the almost inevitable decline in the already poor set of minerals and vitamins that we eat. As dieticians say, the scarcity of the diet is the main mistake in choosing a low-calorie diet.

In other words, a lady can chew a cheburek and a roll for the whole day and consider that she “fulfilled the plan” – she received few calories. According to Olga Poznyak, the main danger of this approach (when only calories are measured, but the nutritional value of the product as a whole is not taken into account) is that the results are not immediately visible – fatigue, irritability first accumulate, the person does not associate it with nutrition. Later, dry skin, brittle nails, headaches, exacerbation of chronic illnesses and poor overall health will be found. Therefore, the most important and difficult thing in such a diet is to keep a balance between a small amount of calories and the benefit: a diverse diet with limited amounts is a task that requires great savvy.

Finally, there is the problem of a combination of low calorie and bouts of hunger, which often do not allow you to engage in the usual fitness – it simply does not have the strength. According to Marina Kogan, people calmly tolerate a decrease in daily calorie content by 600 kcal. If you had to “pierce” more, serious breakages are possible.

“Situations where the patient can not control himself while eating food can require complex work with a nutritionist, endocrinologist, psychotherapist,” Ekaterina Malakhina, an endocrinologist at the Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok, shares her experience. However, nutritionists offer a way out, because a low-calorie diet does not involve eating one grass. The problem is solved if you consume more protein. Postal beef, poultry, low-fat cottage cheese, egg white – all these products should be present in the diet.

In the end, the lack of strength in training is often just a cover of banal disorganization. For those who are determined and able to pull themselves together, a low-calorie diet will be quite on the shoulder.

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