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5 dangerous facts about the most popular disease transmitted by the oral route. Diseases of intimate places – a topic scrupulous for many women.Sexually transmitted infections are even more delicate.

But the rate of spread of these infections is impressive and makes them talk about it. So, the palm of superiority among all diseases of the genitourinary sphere is trichomoniasis.

The disease with an unpleasant name and unpleasant symptoms is as widespread as the notorious thrush (candidiasis), and it says a lot. About what exactly is dangerous trichomoniasis, the correspondent of SE learned from specialists.

Its more than we think

Trichomoniasis is the first in terms of prevalence among diseases of the genitourinary tract, and it is also on the list of STDs. According to WHO, every tenth inhabitant of the earth suffers from it. And in women, the disease is registered more often. As the obstetrician-gynecologist of the medical center “Catharsis” Marina Glushenkova said, this is due to the anatomical features and greater susceptibility of the epithelium of the mucous woman to the causative agent of the disease: the simplest microorganism is the vaginal trichomonas (Trichomonas vaginalis).

Irina Danilina, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Zdravitsa Center for Mental Health, explains that both men and women are equally affected by trichomoniasis, but in most cases the disease does not give symptoms, and therefore patients with a diagnosis of “trichomoniasis” are always more likely than patients to have a diagnosis.

They are easy to get infected

Trichomoniasis can be infected in any kind of close relationship, including petting and oral sex.

According to Irina Danilina, oral sex, if it is practiced by both partners, is generally one of the most risky – trichomonads settle very easily on the oral mucosa, can cause trichomonas pharyngitis and can also be easily transmitted to the mucosa of the sexual organs of the partner.

There is also a household way of transmission – Trichomonads feel comfortable in a humid environment (they die with drying and heating), so cases of infection through someone else’s towel or sponge also take place (although their minority: rarely anyone will use someone else’s washcloth or a towel for hygiene of intimate places ). But if there are girls in the family, it is more than real for them to get infected by the household way: the baby’s epithelium is very weak, and the infection penetrates into the body completely without obstacles. Therefore, if the partners managed to have their offspring, and it so happened that they are treated for trichomoniasis, you should not allow a small child to sleep with their mother in the same bed: this is fraught.

He is hiding

Gynecologists and venereologists in the voice note: for all infections today are characterized by nonspecific symptoms. Even the acute form of trichomoniasis, which is characterized by yellow discharge and burning, is often accepted by women for candidiasis. And the symptoms of dysuria – burning and unpleasant sensations when urinating – are often taken for cystitis. Men usually do not even have vydeleniy, so they can infect their partners without knowing about the disease.

To identify the pathogen, often required provocation: gonovaccine or nonspecific methods (physiotherapy, food and heat provocation). Dermatovenerologist clinic prof. Pasman Natalia Melnichenko believes that in the case of a hidden process, provocation must be done, without it, only if there is a pronounced clinic. Disputes also exist about the method of research. If the pathogens are detected in a smear under a microscope – this is a 100% diagnosis, says the venereologist. But this happens rarely (only if you have time to catch the active phase of the disease). Therefore, additional procedures are needed.

“Gold standard in the detection of trichomoniasis is considered only bakposev. Many clinics today take only PCR analysis, this method is very sensitive, but it does not have specificity.

It can be both false positive and false negative, “explains Natalia Melnichenko, pointing out that the doctor can not prescribe treatment only on the basis of the results of PCR analysis, it is absolutely necessary to sow the culture.

It increases the risks of infertility

“The infectious factor is now the main factor in the development of infertility,” warns Marina Glushenkova, because any inflammatory infectious process forms spikes, which prevents getting pregnant in the future. But trichomoniasis is doubly dangerous – almost always it means the presence of a co-infection: as explained by Irina Danilina, trichomonads have the property of phagocytizing (absorb) any bacteria and viruses. So, they serve as a kind of convenient transport for any infection: when the trichomonas dies, the “passenger” comes out of it – it can be chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, papilloma virus or even HIV. This explains the fact that after successful treatment of trichomoniasis, a person not infrequently pops up an infection not diagnosed earlier. “Therefore, after treatment of trichomoniasis, the second course is often accompanied by a broad-spectrum antibiotic,” the doctor says.

It is difficult to treat

The main reason for the incredible prevalence of infection is the fact of improper treatment. First, gynecologists, urologists and venereologists note that many drugs today there is resistance of the pathogen: after one treatment course, a person calms down and the disease turns into a chronic stable form. “It’s not always possible to cure trichomoniasis with one course,” says Irina Danilina.

– The causative agent can go into the inactive stage, for several years to live in a kind of cocoon and is activated only under favorable conditions for him. “Accordingly, neither to distinguish it, nor to destroy it.

Therefore, in the case of trichomoniasis, it is especially important to follow the doctor’s recommendations: to be treated only together with the partner (even if he does not have the disease) and only in a complex way, using prescribed antibiotics and local treatment (and the man should also be treated locally) on sexual activity during the treatment period.

That’s why doctors welcome monogamy: they recognize that if a woman changes partners, then the doctor can not guarantee the result of a prolonged and non-harmful treatment. By the way, the criterion of recovery is a threefold (at the beginning of each cycle) negative smear and bapsose after the end of treatment. Be healthy!

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