Beyonce’s Stylist Wants All Pregnant Women to Flaunt Their Bumps

Even if you don’t know Marni Senofonte by name, you’ve definitely seen her work. She was the stylist behind Beyonce’s epic pregnancy photo shoot from earlier this year, which saw the singer surrounded by flowers, posed under a tulle veil in a mismatched bra and pantie set, gripping her stomach and staring straight into the camera.

It was, in a word, #pregnancygoals.

And Senofonte, who has also worked with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Lauryn Hill, has some words for women who are with child: “I don’t have a maternity style philosophy. I just feel like you should always be comfortable,” she recently told Elle. “Right now is such an amazing time because you don’t have to hide anything anymore. Like, when my mother was pregnant they wore the big shirts – but no! Bellies are beautiful.

Show your stomach! I think more people are doing that, which is really great. Every woman that I’ve ever worked with who was pregnant, everything just kind of carried over, we kept it moving. It’s no different than if they weren’t pregnant.”

Indeed, Bey is hardly the first celebrity to publicly flaunt her baby bump. Everyone from Demi Moore to Kim Kardashian has done the glamorous, stripped-down pregnancy photoshoot thing (though rarely to the same effect as Beyonce’s dramatic, vaguely Biblical imagery).

But Senofonte is totally right about the fact that you no longer have to be famous to show off your bump. More and more women are bidding adieu to oversized pregnancy tents and sticking with clothes that make them feel like themselves.

The best part? Showing off your bump is a way of advertising to the world that you’re proud to be a woman and that you’re proud of all that the female body can do. “We are canvases of our times,” Senofonte says. “The trendy things to wear, even the Dior ‘We should all be feminists’ shirt, is a reflection of what’s going on right now.”

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