May 19, 2024

5 Ways the Wedding Industry Will Change After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Similarly, Kristen Daniel of Ked Co. Event Design and Production said: “Our role in planning events has not changed, only pivoted. We have daily discussions with creative collaborators and clients on when to shift plans, and how that will look for the host, guests, and support staff.

The main advice we give our clients is to make a decision that will relieve any stress or pressure they may be feeling. Planning a wedding or special event should not be stressful if you have an event producer. That’s what we’re here for! If moving your date into fall 2021 relieves you of being up all night and watching the news 24/7, this is the decision you need to make for yourself and your own well-being. ”

Over the last few months, many couples have had to make the heartbreaking decision to either cancel or postpone their wedding due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And while things are slowly starting to open up again, large gatherings in the coming months still aren’t recommended, especially with a possible second wave of the virus expected to hit in the fall.

The wedding industry has quickly adapted to the current times to cater to engaged couples everywhere, but there could be some key changes once things do get back to normal. While weddings as a whole will remain the same, the planning process might look a bit different post-pandemic.

“Weddings are uniquely vulnerable to even the best intentions as we’re hearing from so many couples that they don’t want to compromise their vision so drastically that the biggest day of their lives feels sterilized or uncomfortable,” Noelle Ahmad-Snedegar, owner and lead event designer at Lily Grayson Events, told POPSUGAR.

With a little help from our friends at Be Inspired, we’ve rounded up the major changes engaged couples could see when planning their future wedding. From safety guidelines on invitations to virtual consultations, keep reading to see them all now.

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