May 20, 2024

15 Books That Will Teach Your Kids About Empathy

Teaching children to grow up to become empathetic adults is probably one of the more important responsibilities of being a parent. And it’s even more vital now than ever before due to the unfiltered exposure kids have to things like hate speech, intolerance, and bigotry.

Children are like sponges, and in order for them to learn how to become compassionate and understanding human beings, it’s essential to nurture their sense of kindness.

A recent study found that college students were 40 percent less empathetic than their counterparts 30 years ago even though social media has made it increasingly easier to connect with others. This, along with an increase in levels of narcissism, makes for an alarming change in the personality traits of younger generations.

One of the best ways to teach your child empathy early is through books they will actually enjoy. Keep reading for 15 books that will help your child learn about walking in someone else’s shoes.

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