Victoria’s Secret’s, go-to wellness guru reveals why you *need*, to embrace 360 wellbeing RN

If you’re yet to get out of the starting blocks when it comes to your New Year’s fitness resolutions, we totally feel you. It’s cold, dark and hibernation mode is strong.

However, if you’re in need of a little wellness inspiration in these winter climes, we might have the motivation you’ve been looking for.

Founder of the fitness phenomenon, SBC, and Lyma supplement, and trainer to the likes of Victoria’s Secret supermodels Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill and Sara Sampaio, there’s no better expert than Russ Bateman when it comes to inspiring you to hit reset on your exercise goals.

The key to getting fit, of course, doesn’t just lie in moving your body. Eating well, switching up your lifestyle habits and creating a calmer mind are all important factors to becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

Don’t take our word for it – read on for some wise words on the power of 360 wellness from Russ himself.

Victoria's Secret's, go-to wellness guru reveals why you *need*, to embrace 360 wellbeing RN

1. Reduce your inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the main cause of ageing and disease, so reducing your systemic inflammation is key to optimising your body and life. Golden milk may taste good, but it won’t actually benefit your health, as turmeric is so poorly absorbed by the body. My nutraceutical LYMA has been formulated by Oxford scientists to include the world’s most bioavailable form of turmeric extract. This is a massive scientific breakthrough, as it means for the first time, the body is able to benefit from ALL of its anti-inflammatory properties, and four times more powerful than generic turmeric extract.

2. Beat the stress

Better (= less) stress! If you aren’t taking adaptogens, you should be. These natural compounds help your body and mind to adapt to stress and up-regulate your body’s own defence mechanisms. LYMA is formulated with the world’s leading adaptogen, KSM-66 Ashwagandha which is proven to diffuse anxiety, eliminate insomnia and lower cortisol levels. Libido is also increased too…enjoy!

3. Try something new

Book yourself a course of cryotherapy. Three minutes a week freezing your assets at -85 degrees acts as a powerful whole-body detox and anti-inflammatory. Over time, this boosts collagen, relieves brain fog and increases endorphins. A must for 2019.

4. Switch to an intense workout

If your work out isn’t challenging you, it’s not changing you. Swap stodgy sandwiches for a light sashimi and salad. Add stimulus to your working day. Grab a work buddy and try to commit to three lunch time work outs a week. Challenge your coordination with next level burpees, high impact jump squats and reptilian crawls which you can do anywhere.

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