May 29, 2024

These are the most compatible star signs, so do the stars align for you and your partner?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it makes for interesting reading, right? After the success of our monthly horoscopes and a guide to which haircut you should get based on your horoscope, we sense our readers have the thirst for astrology so we decided to delve a little deeper.

Turns out that millions of people google ‘which star signs are the most compatible? ’ every year so we tasked ourselves with finding out. We’ve enlisted Bex Milford, an Astrologer, female empowerment coach, crystal healer + founder of the Moon Child Sorority, to break down the most compatible star signs.

Conversely, astrologist and tarot reader, Noura H. Bourni, has revealed which star signs are the least compatible. Whether you live your life by the stars or enjoy perusing your horoscope for a bit of fun, this makes for a pretty interesting read – just remember to take it with a pinch of salt before you frantically message your S. O. in horror that your signs don’t align….

ARIES – 20 March–18 April

Match with: Sagittarius

Bold, impulsive, amorous… wow Aries, you really do like to live up to your fire sign nature! When you’re invested in a relationship then there’s no gentle simmer here – it’s a full-on blaze. You shine your whole light on your partner and are generous with your affection, time and gifts. This makes you quite the alluring companion. That’s not to say you’re a walk in the park, however. Yes, you have a zest for love (and a libido to match) but you can get bored easily and need excitement. No steady-eddies for Aries – your partner needs to exhilarate you. Sagittarius is a fellow fire sign and will only stoke the flames of passion. Spontaneous, outgoing and adventure-loving – this pairing will not only sizzle in the bedroom but also keep each other stimulated in everyday life. And this, Aries, is what’s going to result in a long and meaningful relationship.

TAURUS – 19 April–19 May

Match with: Cancer – 20 June–21 July

Taurus is the sign of the boujie bull and boy, do you love your home comforts. You’re most happy when surrounded by the luxuries of life – give Taurus a night of fine wine, soft candlelight, cashmere throws and Champagne truffles and you’ll already be half way to wooing them into changing their Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’. You’re also sensuous and romantic – quite simply, you love love. After all, you’re ruled by Venus, planet of courtship. You need someone who will shower you in affection and won’t be afraid to regularly vocalise their adoration of you. This is why Cancer is an ideal match. This water sign is very comfortable with showing their emotional side, plus they’re known as the nurturers of the zodiac. They’re eager to make you the apple of their eye and you, Taurus, are more than happy to receive this attention.

GEMINI – 20 May–19 June

Match with: Aquarius – 20 January–18 February

That couple in the restaurant who just talk the entire night long as if they’re on a first date? Chances are they’re the Air sign duo of Gemini and Aquarius. As a Gemini, you’re open-minded, imaginative and witty. You approach life with an unwavering curiosity and enthusiasm – your partner is gonna need to have some serious chat to keep up. If you lose interest though then that’s it – it’s on to greener pastures, so commitment can sometimes be a challenge. Intelligent, charming, insightful Aquarius will pique your interest and hold your attention so you don’t even think about what else (or who else) is out there. But hey, it’s not all chat chat chat. Gemini doesn’t take things too seriously and are known for being mischievous. Aquarius has a rebellious streak – this isn’t a couple who will shy away from getting adventurous with each other sexually, and not just in the bedroom…

CANCER – 20 June–21 July

Match with: Scorpio – 22 October–20 November

Nurturing, loving, sensitive – that’s you, Cancer! However, being the sign of the crab often shows itself in your need to retreat into your shell and spend quality alone-time to avoid emotional overwhelm. You need someone who’s going to let you love them truly, madly deeply while also understanding you don’t have to be joined at the hip. Fellow water sign Scorpio is an excellent match. They share your need for intimacy but are equally comfortable with solitude. That couple who spend the whole party whispering together in the corner before making a French Exit before midnight? That’s your classic Scorpio-Cancer pairing. It’s essential to remember to be vulnerable with each other though – when Cancer snaps the pincers and Scorpio bares the sting of their tail, then no one’s going to win the argument. However, if you can be honest and open then this is one unbreakable bond.

LEO – 22 July–21 August

Match with: Libra – 22 September–21 October

Yas queen! Leo’s love to be loved and see no reason why they shouldn’t be adored, placed on a pedestal and even worshipped. You are royalty, after all. Your theatrical nature means you often dream of being swept off your feet and living a life of pure cinematic romance. You reward your partners by being loyal, passionate and generous to a fault. However, this fire sign can sometimes hold too much of a torch up for themselves and you need to watch that egotism doesn’t get in the way of everlasting happiness. Libra brings the light touch of balance to this pairing. They’re happiest in a relationship and are content to fan your fire-sign flames with their airy adoration, but their inclination towards harmony will ensure the match doesn’t ever get too one-sided. This is a pairing of lingering gazes and love notes, but Libra’s penchant for romance means that if they need to, they’ll embark on a rainswept dash to the airport to let you know they’ve fallen head over heels, thus fulfilling your dramatic desires, too.

VIRGO – 22 August–21 September

Match with: Pisces – 19 February–19 March

Virgos are the healers of the zodiac – you are patient, kind and devoted. This means that when you find your match then there are few as loyal as a Virgo. You are also hard-working perfectionists who love to plan, plan, plan. Can this make you critical? Maybe just a tad. You need a partner who can encourage you to ease up and go with the flow, truly accept yourself, and stop being quite so rigid. Intuitive, patient Pisces is a great match. They won’t mind that you want to book the anniversary restaurant two months in advance, or that every holiday has an itinerary – they’ll simply take it all in their stride and allow Virgo to do their ultra-practical thing. When you get too stuck in your own head or are caught in a spiral of over-analysing situations, soulful Pisces partners will help you see the bigger picture. They’ll also encourage you to connect with your emotional, creative side – and when you allow yourself time to do this Virgo, you really thrive.

LIBRA – 22 September–21 October

Match with: Aries – 20 March–18 April

Libra, you will always strive for balance – and that includes in your partnerships. Two is the happiest number for you, and you’re most content when paired with someone you can lavish your devotion on – as long as it’s reciprocated. The sign of the scales also reveals itself in your adoration of a harmony between the intellectual and the aesthetic. You can chat and socialise like nobody’s business (you are a renowned flirt Libra! ) but you also truly appreciate beauty in art, clothing, accessories… and yes, gifts. You need a partner who’s going to share a keen interest in culture while also ensuring that no anniversary or birthday ever goes without a well-planned celebration. Enter Aries – the passionate, adventurous and dynamic sign who doesn’t mind making their partner their priority. Aries will be happy to accompany you to your soirees and fancy events – and will love trying new things, especially if it spills into sex. The couple who are always canoodling or being accused of PDAs? That’s a Libra and Aries match.

SCORPIO – 22 October–20 November

Match with: Taurus – 19 April–19 May

Ah Scorpio – you’re one of the most mysterious, intense and alluring signs of the zodiac, and you tend to wear this like a badge of honour. You don’t care that people consider you deep, dark and brooding – in fact, you often welcome it. It means that you filter out the fair-weather flirts, for which you have no patience. You need someone who’s going to understand your propensity for going to extremes, as well as the importance of passion. This makes Taurus the natural pairing. As one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, they’ll fulfil all your deepest desires. Taurus is creative, artistic and deeply romantic. When combined with Scorpio this can result in a highly-charged partnership of eroticism and deep emotion. This is the kind of couple who’ll go to life-drawing classes together, paint nude portraits of each other, and hang them in pride of place above the bed. Scorpio – if you want to get steamy, this is your match.

SAGITTARIUS – 21 November–20 December

Match with: Gemini – 20 May–19 June

The adventurer, the explorer and the fiery Archer always in search of new experiences – that’s you, Sagittarius. You love spontaneous shows of affection and sudden displays of romance – booking tickets to a city neither of you have been before is just one of things that floats your boat in a relationship. You’re also an optimist at heart, and while you like to explore your emotions you’re just as happy to throw yourself into life with a happy-go-lucky approach. Gemini is a fabulous match for your free spirit. You both appreciate the importance of alone time but are also irresistibly drawn to each other with a mutual fascination. You’re the kind of couple that can both randomly wake at 3am then stay up until dawn chatting – there’s always something new to discover in a Sagittarius and Gemini pairing.

CAPRICORN – 21 December–19 January

Match with: Virgo – 22 August–21 September

As a Capricorn you’re known for being ambitious, dedicated and hard-working – both in your career and in your love life. You don’t go into things lightly, and when you decide you want to make a commitment it’s gonna be for life. This Earth sign wants to make roots and you’re not about playing the field. Who better to settle down with than fellow Earth sign Virgo? Both signs want to create something lasting, impressive and secure. This might sound dull, but actually it’s the ideal base for a genuine, faithful relationship that will bloom brightly season after season. It also means you’ll feel confident and comfortable enough in each other’s presence to be adventurous in the bedroom, so things stay fresh in your sex life. Don’t be surprised if Capricorn and Virgo matches are both dancing the Funky Chicken at their 70th wedding anniversary some day.

AQUARIUS – 20 January–18 February

Match with: Leo – 22 July–21 August

Now Aquarius – you might have found it hard to settle down until now, but your flighty nature or preoccupation with making the world a better place doesn’t stem from being unconcerned with romance. Quite the opposite, in fact. When you find the right person, you can be truly committed. However, you need someone who will capture your attention and show that they’re worth the investment. Leo partners are bursting with joy, fizzing with fun, and generally bring a ray of sunshine into the life of their beloveds. When you have this golden glow to focus on then you’re happy to give up some of your freedom. Leo will also accept that sometimes you need to do your own thing or fight for social causes, as long as you ultimately let them know they have your heart. Their love of theatre can help bring out the rebellious revolutionary in you, meaning it’s a great match to help you live up to your full potential.

PISCES – 19 February–19 March

Match with: Capricorn

As a dreamy, intuitive Pisces, you can sometimes be accused of living on another plane of existence altogether. You’re a soulful romantic, an idealist, and are known for having a deeply sensitive side. If you’ve been hurt once, you find it seriously hard to trust again. This combination can mean you doubt the integrity of prospective-partners’ intentions. When you are sure that they care for you then you struggle with knowing if it’s a relationship you want to commit to. This slippery fish sure isn’t one to be tied down easily! This can result in you missing wonderful opportunities for love. Enter Capricorn, who isn’t afraid to demonstrate commitment. They’ll set their intentions out clearly, continue to work at showing their authentic side, and ultimately win you over. When you feel comfortable in a relationship Pisces, then you’re here for that soulmate kinda situation. You love fiercely and unreservedly – and Capricorn digs that openness. A truly lasting and fulfilling partnership occurs as soon as you’ve been caught hook, line and sinker.


If you’re an Aries, your most incompatible sign in the long run is Virgo

What brings you together is the sex, the chemistry is off the charts. You’re great at working out together, you’re inspired to take care of your health with Virgo. However, Virgo’s perfectionistic tendencies can very quickly get on your nerves. You’re not as detail oriented and really are more focused on the goal and finding the fastest way to achieve said goal. Virgo wants to analyse, overthink, make sure it’s perfect before moving forward. In daily life these divergent attitudes and occasional nit-picking on Virgo’s part can bring out Aries’s impatient traits causing fights with Virgo. These fights make Virgo retreat and re-think the whole relationship. By the time Virgo has made a decision and is ready to talk, chances are that Aries has already moved on. They do great as friends with benefits, though.

If you’re a Taurus, your most incompatible sign is Sagittarius

You’re both fun-loving and appreciate the finer things life has to offer. This brings you together but what keeps you together? For a Taurus, this would be stability, concrete security. An essential Sagittarius, doesn’t need this stability in a committed relationship and sees Taurus’s need for their constant presence as a threat to their freedom. Unless Taurus is ready to give Sagittarius a very, very long leash, these two are unlikely to make it long term and will likely just drift apart or Sagittarius will just wake up on morning, only to find themselves blocked by Taurus. And once Taurus has made the decision to move on, they won’t budge. No matter how charming Sagittarius can be.

If you’re a Gemini, your most incompatible sign is Scorpio

You come together and find a real partner in crime in each other. You’re both witty, love memes, have a dark sense of humour and the sex… the sex is mind-blowing. Gemini, however, is quite a light, fast-moving sign. You could be in a fight one day and completely move on from it the next. Scorpio, though, not so much. Scorpio will sulk, remembers every verbal low blow you shot at them (you’re so good at that, cutting remarks flow so easily from your tongue when you’re upset) and no matter how much you want to move on and get back to being partners in crime, Scorpio will make you wait, maybe even dish out the famed Scorpion silent treatment. And if there’s one thing Gemini isn’t super fond, it’s waiting and not talking. So this can bring out a lot of resentment between the two of you. In truth though you and Scorpio are the most compatible incompatible signs. This relationship doesn’t tend to work till you’re both mature or have passed your respective Saturn Returns (after the age of 30).

If you’re a Cancer, your most incompatible sign is Aquarius

When you saw Aquarius, you likely felt like Lana Del Rey when she sings:
Blue jeans, white shirt
Walked into the room, you know you made my eyes burn
It was like James Dean, for sure
You’re so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer

Aquarius is famed to have that Je-ne-sais-quoi that brings out nostalgic feelings for the future. Sounds contradictory but ethereal? Absolutely and as a Cancer, you like that. The two of you come together, you click. Aquarius notices your ability to contain all of their suppressed emotions, they feel safe with you, show you their softer side, open up to you and you both become each other’s person. It’s beautiful and poetic until Aquarius doesn’t feel as present to you anymore. They are, it’s just that, they’re an Aquarius. They’re constantly thinking of the future or aliens or their art or projects or humanity. Whatever, but they’re thinking and to you they seem distant. This brings out your insecurities. So you try to overcompensate by being more present (read: overbearing). This makes Aquarius feel like you’re clingy. Once they feel like their space is being intruded on, they get more distant. Just to make a point. Now you get crabby and the vicious cycle of push and pull commences. Honestly, you’re great as friends or business partners. Just, maybe steer clear of getting your hearts involved. Unless you’re both very self-aware and emotionally mature, this just leads to heartbreak and unmet expectations.

If you’re a Leo, your most incompatible sign is Capricorn

Capricorn is on their way to become the G. O. A. T. , you are on your way to be the Queen/King you always knew you’d be. So you’re on each other’s radar, they make you laugh ( Capricorns are famed for their sense of humour) and there’s this undeniable sexual tension seething underneath every encounter. One night you both finally give in, the connection is magnetic, the satisfaction exceeds every expectation – he calls you Queen, you call him Daddy. It’s a match made in heaven. Until you realise, heaven is hell. Capricorn becomes the G. O. A. T. by working, too much a lot. You respect it but eventually you realise you’re not getting the attention you want. Also, Capricorns can be quite sober in their displays of affection in public. This doesn’t sit right with you either. Capricorn is notoriously devotional in private and you are who you are, you want the affection to extend to beyond the sanctity of your home. Another thing that might make you want to look elsewhere is Capricorn’s practicality that seems to invade every part of their lives. Unless you’re willing to follow their lead in lifestyle, you’ll eventually want to go back to a lifestyle with more lighthearted fun, glitz and play. With the exception of a dramatic display of dismay, you’ll just agree one day that you’re better off apart. A practical, grown-up break-up – Capricorn-style.

If you’re, a Libra your most incompatible sign is Pisces

They sweep you off your feet with their displays of love, roses and self-written poems. You make them fall for your grace, poise, wit and your iron fist in a velvet glove. You’re both wrapped up in a blush-toned bubble of delusional love. You project your expectations onto each other and you both try to meet those expectations, because you’re both hopeless romantics with people-pleasing tendencies (you’ll start to outgrow those after your first Saturn Return). In your minds, you both should work in the long run, except that as life happens, it tends to burst bubbles. Even perfect blush-toned bubbles of delusional love. You get into your first big fight, you’re both disillusioned but you desperately want to make it. So one of you compromises a boundary and you move on, together. Till the next compromise needs to be made and the next and inevitably, Libra starts to build resentment – Pisces retreats in their own world. You see, this goes nowhere good. Unless you both learn to have healthy boundaries and expectations and express those early on in the relationship, this ends in a nebulous heartbreak that none of you saw coming. And even then, one of you will always fantasise about the one Pisces/Libra that got away.

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