June 20, 2024

Soon August! Where cheap to rest?

August – holiday season! It is not surprising that during this period the tours are more expensive than in any other month of the year.

But especially for those who haven’t yet, but really wants to relax, the Association of tour operators of Russia has collected the cheapest one-week tours departing August 4 from Moscow on 12 of the most popular destinations.

So, tour to Greece was cheaper than in the Crimea, tours to Thailand dropped significantly in price, but still remain the most expensive in the Association – one week vacation for two in early August, will cost 863 71 of the ruble.

The cheapest destination was Anapa – seven nights in a three star hotel with flights back and forth for two you have to pay 27 552 rubles. By the way, this price includes Breakfast!


A little more expensive – 36 769 rubles, you can fly to Greece on the island of Crete. And it is in the middle of the season!

Crete, Greece

And if you do not want to do or a visa to fly abroad, practically for the same money can go to the Crimea. A week-long tour in a three star hotel with Breakfast will cost 37 094 rubles for two!


Less than 50 thousand rubles available tours in Sochi and Turkey, about 55 thousand will cost a week of vacation in Bulgaria, Italy, Tunisia, Montenegro and Cyprus, and for a holiday in Spain will have to pay 64 454 of the ruble.


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