April 20, 2024

RAK your First Responders today!

To those that run towards peril and uncertainty, there aren’t enough ways to thank you. It’s a thankless job and I can only imagine the stresses that come with it.

Today, we’re hopping around Austin to our local Fire Departments and Police Departments to drop off donuts, breakfast tacos and coffee.

Chive On Iowa RAK’ing their local police and fire departments.

Great photos, Amy!

A Starbucks giftcard and powerful note left in a study guide from one nurse to a nursing student reads: “Always remember, you aren’t just studying for an exam, you are also studying for the day when you are the only thing between a patient and the grave. ”

Chive On Memphis spent an entire evening putting together an insane amount of care bags to give to their local policemen and firefighters.

Amazing job, guys!

If you’ve ever experienced assistance from any of your local heroes, please be sure to take the time to thank them. What they do isn’t easy and a Random Act of Kindness is always welcomed!

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