Our Fashion Editor’s pick of the 19 affordable home accessories that will instantly transform your space

There may be thousands of celebrities and influencers singing the praises of dressing like you’ve got a day full of exciting plans, but for those of us sitting in front of a laptop for a minimum of eight hours a day

never mind those of you homeschooling and somehow finding time to do a food shop for your vulnerable neighbour too – there is very little appeal in wasting time on an eyeliner flick that quite literally no one will see thanks to your poor Internet connection fuzzing your face on every Zoom call.

Let’s be honest. You can have all the beautiful clothes in the world hanging in your wardrobe, but – with lockdown rules in full force and nowhere to go – there’s very little to get enthusiastic about dressing up for a day working at your kitchen table.

So, instead of feeling guilty about wearing the same pair of tracksuit bottoms for the third day in a row, we’re looking to other avenues to satisfy our aesthetic desires. And, of course, if said avenues result in Instagrammable content then we wouldn’t be *totally* mad about it… because, let’s face it, there’s little else to photograph right now.

We are, of course, talking about interiors.

You know that space next to the TV that you’ve just been putting post you never get around to opening, or that little alcove to the left of the sink that’s looked empty ever since you moved in? The smallest little details could totally transform a space you’ve never even considered decorating.

If you’ve missed buying (and wearing!) clothes over the last few weeks, getting lost in interiors is the perfect way to fill the creative gap in your life.

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