May 25, 2024

How To Know who Blocked You on Facebook

With hundreds of Facebook friends, it might be hard to tell if someone suddenly drops off your radar. But if you haven’t heard from that old flame or once partner in crime in a little while, it’s possible they’ve decided to cut social media ties once and for all.

How To Know who Blocked You on Facebook

It’s not always easy to tell if someone’s blocked you. After all, Facebook doesn’t notify people when they’ve been blocked. The blocker simply fades into the background, never to be seen again.

However, if you’re determined to know the truth, then there are a few things you can try.

What it Means to Be Blocked

Start be looking for the tell-tale signs of blocking. If someone blocks you, then you won’t be able to do any of the following:

  1. Find them in search.
  2. View their profile.
  3. Send them a friend request.
  4. Message them through Messenger.
  5. Tag them in any photos.
  6. Post to their timeline.

If these six things are true, then you’ve probably been blocked. Of course, it’s possible something else is going on. You might notice these issues if someone has deleted their account or if Facebook has otherwise disabled it. It’s also possible they’ve just unfriended you and have some really stringent privacy settings.

Check With a Friend

How To Know who Blocked You on Facebook

Still not sure? Go to the profile of a mutual friend and check out their friends list. If the person you suspect of blocking you isn’t on that list, then either you’ve been blocked or your mutual friend is no longer friends with them either.

Try asking said mutual friend to sleuth for you. Can they find the person? Can they see their profile? If so, then you’ve definitely been blocked.

Look Up Old Conversations

How To Know who Blocked You on Facebook

Maybe you don’t have any mutual friends that are willing to play detective. Don’t worry. There’s one more sure fire way to tell if you’ve been blocked.

Look for an old conversation with them on Facebook Messenger. If you still see their name and photo, then you haven’t been blocked, just unfriended. If their name has been replaced with a generic “Facebook User” designation, then they’ve had their account disabled. But if you see that their profile picture has been replaced with a Facebook logo and their name is the same – but bolded and unclickable, then you’ve definitely been blocked.

Blocking Through Messenger

How To Know who Blocked You on Facebook

It’s possible to block someone just through Messenger and not through the broader Facebook app. Doing so will still allow the blocked person to see your Facebook profile. All this means is the blocked person can’t send you messages through Messenger or Facebook.

You can tell if you’ve been blocked on Messenger if you can still see the blocker’s Facebook profile but can’t message them. It’s that simple.

Try an App

How To Know who Blocked You on Facebook

App developers understand that keeping track of social media circles can be stressful, and nobody wants to feel disliked. If you’re that amped about finding out if people are dropping you from their list of friends or blocking you outright, then get an app like Who Deleted Me or Who Unfriended Me and keep your eyes open.

Knowing If You’ve Been Unblocked

Sometimes, people change their minds, and once blocked Facebook friends are blocked no more. But Facebook won’t send you a message telling you that you’re no longer out in the cold, and you won’t automatically revert to pre-blocking Friend status. The only way to know if you’ve been unblocked is if the blocker sends you a friend request or you keep checking for the above signs.

In the meantime, try to worry less about those who block you and more about the friends who stick around.

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