How to Feng Shui Your House to Increase Positive Energy

I don’t know about you, but for me, January felt like the longest month ever. There was something so blah about it – hardly the kick-ass, fresh start that I was hoping for. Happily, the year is still young, and there’s plenty of time to reset and reboot.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about another batch of resolutions. Consider changing up the energy in your home with a little feng shui. According to Chinese philosophy, there are three major forces that influence our life, feng shui, or our space, being one of them, explains Priya Sher, Feng Shui Master for the Harmonist.

“Feng shui is about guiding, balancing, and optimizing the energy within a space to achieve the greatest benefit for those who live in it,” she says. Yes, please! Here, five easy ways to use feng shui principles in your home to promote all the positive vibes in the months ahead.

Start at the front door

First, make sure it actually works – meaning no squeaky hinges, wonky locks, or even chipped paint. A door that’s in disrepair can negatively affect both your finances and opportunities, says Sher. Who knew? Then, set out a welcome mat and an evergreen plant on either side of the door to invite in positive energy.

Consider the entryway

Yes, even if it’s super tiny. Eliminate any clutter and light a candle with a woody fragrance, which makes for uplifted energy, notes Sher. To support new opportunities this year, place a mirror on the wall somewhere near – though not directly opposite – the front door.

Streamline your living area

If nothing else, do a little straightening up and purging. “Always keep the room free of clutter so that the energy can flow freely,” Sher advises.  Placing a lamp and candles on a diagonal across from the entrance to the room can activate finances, while putting a family photo in the east corner of the room will support family unity.

Make your bedroom a soothing space…

Create calm and relaxation by positioning your bed on a diagonal opposite the door, against a solid wall. A headboard is a good idea too, promoting the idea of safety and security. And even if you’re sleeping solo, having identical nightstands on either side of the bed is good for overall balance, notes Sher.

…And a romantic one, too

Looking to up your love game in 2018? Generally, soothing hues (blues, greens) are best for the bedroom, but a pop of warmer purple, red, or pink ups romantic vibes, according to Sher. A few throw pillows or an extra blanket in these warmer shades will do the trick. The finishing touch? A candle on each of those two beside tables.

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