Chanel and Pharrell Williams Collaborated On the Sneaker of the Year

What happens when four of the world’s coolest entities – namely, Chanel, Pharrell Williams, Adidas, and the Parisian boutique Colette – join forces?

Well, prepare to find out, because the house has tapped Williams to design a limited-edition Adidas Hu NMD shoe to be sold exclusively at Colette as part of their month-long takeover of the store prior to its widely bemoaned closure (RIP).

The sneakers will be available at Colette beginning October 30, and despite the fact that that’s just three days away, no official images of them have been released yet (the one seen above is an unconfirmed image that leaked earlier this month). Not that a little fact like that stops us from coveting them, which brings us to our next question: exactly how much are these shoes going to cost?

Consider the fact that your average, non-celebrity-endorsed Chanel shoes can easily set you back more than $1,500. Unfortunately, no matter what the price, they’ll probably be sold out (and marked up for twice the cost on eBay) within hours.

Williams has a long history with both Chanel and Adidas, having worked as a brand ambassador for Adidas and fronting a recent campaign for Chanel’s new Gabrielle bag. I mean, hey, his name rhymes with Chanel so who better to help the iconic French fashion house on their first real foray into streetwear?

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