July 24, 2024

Blue eyeshadow is Instagram’s new favourite trend

The good news is, it’s just makeup. It washes off. Even if you look like Alice Cooper on a mad one, you can use your face cloth to erase the lot and pretend like it never happened. But makeup was made for experimenting, so how do we make blue work?

Have you seen the blue eyeshadow trend sweeping the ‘gram? Camila Coelho’s doing it, Patrick Ta’s on board, Diipa Khosla’s been repping it and honestly, for a shade we’ve always sidelined, we’re about to dig out our big guns eyeshadow palette and give it a whirl. Here’s a question though, how easy is blue eyeshadow to pull off IRL?

Anyone who’s been burned by Insta makeup before will know; Instagram smash hits are a lot harder to get right than they look. A haze of mustard yellow shadow might look utterly effortless on someone else’s grid, but completely mortifying IRL. So, blue – yay or nay?

As with everything, it depends on how you wear it, how used to wearing colour you are and how bold you want to go.

We’ve rounded up our favourite blue lewks, complete with difficulty rating, so you know what you’re up against whether you want to dip your toe in or dive in the deep end.

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