April 20, 2024

Zig-zag partings are back just ask Ariana Grande

We all know that Y2K fashion and ‘90s trends are coming back (after all,That ‘90s Show has just been confirmed by Netflix) – so it’s very apt that zig-zag partings are back too.

This hairstyle reached peak popularity back in the 90s and early 2000s (yes, we were wearing the zig-zag look to school). The popular style was worn by famous faces likeChristina Aguileraback then, but now stars likeBella Hadidand Ariana Grande are bringing back the popular look.

Zig-zag partings are back – and our inner tweens are rejoicing right now. Thanks to Ariana Grande, this iconic hairstyle might be back for the foreseeable, so grab a comb and get zig-zagging. Had a memory blank and forgotten how to achieve the nostalgic ‘do? Well, you can thank us later, because we’ve compiled a super handy guide below – that features two different zig-zag styles, depending on the outcome you’re looking to achieve.

Thanks to Ari’s latest Instagram post, we’re completely obsessed with the comeback of zig-zag partings, and we are so happy that she decided to promote her new beauty range R. E. M. donning this iconic hairstyle that we all know and love from our tweenage years. And not only has Ari recently posted a snap of her sporting a zig-zag parting, but back in the summer of 2020 she did too.

The revival of zig-zag partings is something that we are so excited about, so naturally we’ve taken to TikTok to find the best handy tutorials to help us achieve this dreamy throwback look. We’ve narrowed it down to two incredible (and super easy) styles – one more like Ari’s recent ‘do and another more like her 2020 hairstyle. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your comb and a mirror and let’s go back to the nineties.

The understated zig-zag parting

If you want to get the understated zig-zag like in Ari’s most recent post, then recommend following @miadickers0n’s tutorial – which is the perfect discreet zig-zag look.

Spooky (but stylish) manis to have on your radar ahead of Halloween

If you haven’t got into the autumn mood yet, it’s time to hop on board, stat. For starters, we have Halloween on the horizon and – since it only happens once a year – it pays to get into the swing of things early. This year, we have to make up for the fact we missed out last time round, so it’s unsurprising that Pinterest noted an earlier-than-ever interest in the spookiest day of the year, with searches for “halloween makeup” up 13x from as early as July.

From fairycore to Squid Game, here’s the biggest Halloween makeup looks of 2021

However, if you’re not up for a full-on face of prosthetics, there is a very chic way you can nod to the eeriest time of year without even a whiff of red face paint.

Nails. They are – if veteran nail tech, Marian Newman, is to be believed – “the new accessory. ” A well-painted mani is an accessory in itself. It means you can ditch the pitchfork and the wooden stake, in favour of a spooky design etched across your fingernails.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be novelty. There are plenty of ways to tap into the theme whilst keeping things chic, stylish and grown-up – if you want to. From subtle spiders and creepy spiderwebs, to tonal manis in blood red, midnight blue and obsidian black.

You can even try out the genius ghost Frenchies we keep spotting (just tweak the shape and add a ghoul face to your French tips). It’s a dinky detail that even minimalists can get on board with.

Want something a little edgier? We’ve seen plenty of blood trickle designs that nail the theme but still look fierce.

And, if you’ve fallen down the Squid Game hole on Netflix, you can give it a subtle nod. If you know, you know…

Of course, if you do want to go novelty, cutesy and colourful, we’re here for that, too. This pumpkin, vampire bat, ghost and moon mani makes a statement that you can’t miss.

Whatever your vibe, we’ve rounded up the best designs on Instagram for you to recreate now.

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