The fat of swine melted

Pork tallow melted from a selection of fresh crude fat taken from the inner part of the carcass. The smell, color, taste and consistency it is not very different from fat of extra quality.

Pork fat is a rich source of energy as well as vitamins A, D, E, K. Fats are necessary to maintain healthy-looking skin and physiological functions in the body.

Lard extra is prepared from selected perirenal fat pigs. This fat for its cooking qualities, taste, smell and nutritional value is deservedly considered the best of all animal fats (except butter). All varieties of pork fat, especially the extra, widely used in cooking for various dishes and pastry products. Fat extra grade is white, soft and delicate taste with a pleasant slightly sweet flavor and subtle delicate smell. At room temperature the consistency of pork fat extra buttery. In molten, the state of the pig fat extra transparent.

Pork fat 1-St and 2-nd grades vytaplivaete from benign crude fat. Fat of 1st grade is made from the internal fat, and 2nd grades are used in all kinds of fresh crude fat. Color of fat is white with a slight yellowish tinge; texture thick or pasty. Molten fat of 1st grade transparent, grease 2nd grade can be unclear. Both varieties are inherent crispy smell of fried dross.

Lard contains arachidonic acid, which refers to unsaturated fatty acids. It is part of all cell membranes of the body, being an integral part of the enzyme of the heart muscle that is directly involved in the cholesterol metabolism, the formation of many hormones.

Pork fat contains much more essential fatty acids than butter and many solid fats – up to 10%, therefore, the biological activity of pork fat is five times higher for butter and beef.

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