Zendaya’s tips for overcoming self-doubt will change your life

Let’s get real, we are obsessed with Zendaya. We are practically living for every Instagram post as much as we are here for her ever-evolving acting career.

Now, Zendaya is taking us on another all-singing-all-dancing trip with co-stars, Channing Tatum and James Corden in an exciting new movie.

Smallfoot explores the isolated life of Yetis as their world is turned upside down by the discovery of humanbeings – drama! Spoiler alert, it’s the best animated film since Frozen; prepare to be uplifted.

Here, Zendaya sits down with our Josh Newis-Smith to solve our First World Yeti Problems; consider her an agony aunt on ice.

Josh: The songs are EPIC in ‘Smallfoot’ – but who do you think is the better singer, Channing Tatum or James Corden?

Zendaya: They both did a really great job, right? It’s really fun, they killed it I think.

Josh: Which ‘Smallfoot’ song would you play in a down moment?

Zendaya: Wonderful Life. It’s very inspirational and it’s about finding out truth for yourself and going out there and really appreciating the little things in life, which is a great message, so I’ll go with that one.

Josh: ‘Smallfoot’ is about a journey into the unknown – when you’ve had self-doubt what do you say to yourself to find the voice within?

Zendaya: That’s a really good question! I think I like to remind myself that my gut instinct is always the best one. I think often we let too many voices get into our head and too much doubt, too much fear. I sometimes think you should just listen to that immediate gut reaction to something – it’s usually the right feeling to trust. You should just try to follow that and if it doesn’t feel all the way right then don’t do it.

Josh: What’s the best way to get Yeti on my dance moves?

Zendaya: My character personally does a lot of twirling and it’s her thing – in every other scene and I love it, I live for it. And that fabulous braid just living her best life.

Josh: You are the queen performer – what performance tips could you give me to raise my karaoke game?

Zendaya: If you’re going to do karaoke, always pick a song that you actually know all the words to already so that if you want to look away from the screen, you can – if you have to read every single line then it’s not the one for you. You can’t deliver a good performance that way. Make sure you already know the song.

Josh: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Zendaya: Anything Michael Jackson really, I have all the lyrics down to that stuff – or Beyoncé, any Beyoncé song – literally, Everything is Love if life! I learned all the lyrics within three days!

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