May 24, 2024

Zendaya has a new bob

World stop. Zendaya has got a bob! There are very few things with Zendaya that don’t land. Every look, every acting role, every hair colour, every hairstyle and yes, that even includes every bob, 9. 9 times out of 10, it lands. Zendaya’s new hair often has the internet on a stand still.

Think about those butt skimming cornrows, or when she went red for the first time back in 2020 on the promo to her new film Spider-Man: Far From Home — this look alone started a revolution, we’ve never seen so many girls everywhere with different hair textures collectively going red.

The power that she holds.

Aside from the obvious, you know, her Emmy winning Euphoria lead role, co-staring in one of the biggest Marvel movies ever Spider-Man, and *insert a million other accolades here*, Zendaya is also known for her epic beauty choices. She doesn’t shy away from being experimental with her hairstyles, playing around with different lengths, sporting her big natural curls one day and bussdown 40inch braids the next, that is if she isn’t rocking some faux locs on the red carpet like the all-round baddie that she is.

Her willingness to try new looks and push boundaries has made her someone we all look to for beauty inspo. It was only natural she would look 10/10 in this new mystery bob. We expected nothing less. Can you tell we’re fans already?

The young Hollywood starlet alluded to getting a chin length bob on her instagram stories yesterday, posting a meme of an one-eyed alien wearing a bob captioned: “When bitches get a lil bob”, to which she screenshotted and replied saying: “Me… I am bitches. ”

Once we got over how relatable the post was, we had to investigate and found out that Zendaya had just been outside rocking this new auburn bob at an appearance in Los Angeles with her Euphoria castmates. It wasn’t long before Zendaya’s poor gatekeeping skills would keep us from finding the bob inspo we’ve all needed heading into 2023.

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