Earnings on cloud mining, cloud mining leader HashNest

In the article about mining, we sorted out the main issues related to mining cryptocurrency and revealed the main ways of making money on the Internet using cryptocurrency, today we will analyze in more detail the form of earnings on cloud mining and describe a service that has already recommended itself for a long time.

All the pros and cons of such mining Bitcoins were described in the article about mining cryptocurrency, which you can also find on the pages of our blog.

The HashNest service offers us real cloud mining, one of the leaders in the cloud mining market, the family has established itself as excellent miners that you can buy from BitMain, your pool for bitcoin mining where there are 2 types of payments for miners such as PPS and PPLNS. You will be able to participate in the mining of bitcoins or lightcoins without setting up and installing miners; all of the work on setting up and installing miners is assumed by the hasnest service.

Starting to extract bitcoins to hashnest you protect yourself from the noise of miners, electricity bills, and the headache that your asik miner will become unusable. Bitcoins can start to mine by buying a hashrate of only 1 Ghs. For those who can invest in cloud mining in a larger amount, the purchase of real equipment, such as Antminer S7, S5, S4, S3, is provided, ranging from 13,450 rubles for S3 and up to 46,905 rubles for S7, with the possibility of subsequent redemption miner and sending it to your home. You can also buy contracts with a capacity of 1 GHS that will cost you only 0.00030044 Satoshi, or about $ 0.13 for 1 gigagesh, which is pretty expensive.

Since the company is solid and produces equipment itself, they often draw Antminer S7 equipment, try their luck and buy one or several tickets from 1500 to the rally in just 0.001BTC, you will get a capacity of 4860 gigagesh, who knows, maybe you are lucky to become the happy owner of the miner .

HashNest has a unique pacmic system.

What is this word and what is the meaning?

Pakmik is a new product from cloud mining hasnest. Pakmik is accelerated cloud mining where a contract that costs 1BTC for 1Ths power payments consists of two parts, one part is your immediate profit, the second part is the return of the deposit if you bought 1THS, respectively, the payment will be 1BTC. Arrive at 0.45 Satoshi per second, on average, the life expectancy of a pakmik at which a full refund is obtained is about 120 days. Unlike conventional cloud mining, at the end of the pacmik contract, the iron (miner) hasnest takes it.

Payments are made automatically up to 10.0 BTC per day. If you withdraw more than 10, the payment in manual mode will be approved from 4 to 12 hours.

Registration of a bitmain passport at once for three services such as Antpool, HashNest and AntMiner (the store where you can order the equipment yourself at home).

To start registration follow the link.

And fill in the simplest registration form, enter your mailbox, in the next line you must enter a password, and the third line will be a confirmation of the password. We agree with the rules of the system, enter the security code from the image from protection against automatic registrations and click Create Account.

We confirm registration by email if necessary.

We enter into the account and go to the cloud mining service HashNest.

In the upper right corner, we choose the most convenient language for displaying us from the four proposed languages: Chinese, English, Russian, or Spanish.

In the left menu, select the settings, and in the window that opens, you can set the settings for 2 factor factor authentication using SMS sent to your mobile phone number when logging in to the account that you specify in the settings, or via Google authentication. On the same page, you can also set yourself a username (nickname) and wallet number to which you will receive payments from hasnest, or you can change your trading password.

In the hashrate section you can buy yourself some or all of the power of the miners in the drop-down list. Such as Antminer S7, S5 and S4, I’ll tell you about the S7, all others are bought on the same principle, click on AntS7 and a window opens in front of us where there are an additional 5 tabs at the top.

On the very first tab “statistics” you can see your hash rate in gigahashahs, the cost of gigageshies in bitcoins, total paid out and how much you paid the commission.

On the blocks tab you can see how many blocks have been mined today.

When you click on the “store” tab, you can buy yourself a whole miner in my S7 example, which you can later buy.

In the market tab, you can buy yourself a gigheshi minimum purchase of only 1 gigagesh that costs about 13 cents. And the extreme tab of the story can be observed dimanik price changes for gigashash.

The next section in the left menu is contracts, here you can buy yourself an accelerated cloud mining contract pacmic.

The next section after the contract is LuckyHash, which in English from a happy hash for only 0.001 bitcoins, you can become the happy owner of S7 with the subsequent redemption and hash rate of 4860 gigabytes.

In the wallet section, you can order the payment to your wallet, how to create a wallet for yourself can be found in the article how to create a Bitcoin wallet or replenish the balance of payment and recharge only in bitcoins there is no minimum for replenishment.

For exchanging rubles, dollars or euros for Bitcoin, there are many of their services on the Internet, as well as on the blog pages there is an exchange service I have tested.

The trankzatsiya section shows all your trankzatsii debiting, replenishment, accrual balance.

That’s the principle and everything, on this note, the article has come to an end, I want to wish you excellent earnings on the Internet, earnings on the Internet is not a myth 🙂

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