Earnings on a mobile phone with the AdvertApp application

AdvertApp is a free application that installs on your phone or tablet and you will receive real money for various actions. Such as installing new games and applications, as well as viewing advertising video. (Bonus code for getting 5 rubles to the balance – 9j4ho3). Absolutely anyone can earn from a schoolboy to an employee in an office.

The minimum income per minute is 10 kopecks, while the maximum income is unlimited. It all depends on your patience, watch videos, download applications.

Consider ways to make money in the application. For those who are interested in full-time employment or work without interruption, the most optimal option for viewing advertising video. For each video viewing that lasts only 30 seconds, they pay only 5 kopecks. Vacancy is offered by various services with which AdvertApp cooperates. Therefore, on the main page you will not find the video you need to go to your partners. To do this, in the application you need to enter the “New” section.

After moving to the section, you will see many partners with whom AdvertApp cooperates, for video views, you need to find something similar as partner 9 and partner 10:

Then everything is very simple to click on any partner you like. A video appears on the screen that lasts exactly 30 seconds. After that, close the page with the video. The balance will be updated instantly, and you will immediately see the addition. Very good because at any time you can take your phone to go into the application and earn some money.

The next way to make money is to download applications, tasks are not always, but up to five rubles are paid for installing applications. In order to see the list of applications available for download, go to the new section and see the list of applications available for download and price for work.

We see the application download the first item, the next item to open the application, sometimes you need to open the application on the second day, or the third day. The entire download history is saved in the application in the “History” section. And active orders that are not fully completed in the active section you can see which items are completed and which ones still need to be completed.

And the third way to make money on referrals. Invite your friends, acquaintances or other people to the app and earn 10% from the completed orders of your friends. See who joined you, as well as find a link for the invitation in the referrals section.

Withdrawal of funds from the application takes place instantly at your request. You can withdraw earned money to your mobile phone balance, to a qiwi wallet, or to the Web Money payment system. There is no minimum for withdrawal. Join the earnings on your mobile phone or tablet. Bonus code for the first five rubles – 9j4ho3

Download the Google Play app or the AppStore

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