8 clever ways to boost your self-care from the inside out for the glowiest skin and glossiest hair ever

The not-so-simple answer to all the above is yes, and also no. Pampering is great at helping you relax and unwind, negativity should of course be avoided and your own wellness made a priority, but (and this is a major but) if these acts of ‘self care’ mean no exercise, diluted bonds with family and friends and tiptoeing around frank and honest conversation, they may not be the best choices for your future wellbeing.

What actually is self-care? Is it scheduling in regular moments of me-time in the form of long, lazy baths? Finding a life path that meanders around bad vibes? Putting yourself ahead of others?

To really give self-care a whirl, we need to put in some groundwork and consider ‘me’ down the line. Need some motivation? Well, what if we were to say skin and hair will be the first things to benefit? *Oh, now she’s listening*.

Whether it’s giving up bad eating habits or taking up an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill, simple life switches that bring our internal health and wellness into focus can also leave a lasting impression on the outside.

Get ready to kick-start your self-care journey. It’s not all carefree and relaxing, but trust us – you’ll feel (and look) a thousand times brighter as a result.

Start early

Put down the buttered toast. Eggs, fruit, nuts, seeds and avocado are just a few breakfast alternatives that will up your energy and glow levels – protein and fatty acids are vital for healthy skin and hair. Strapped for time? A seed, fruit and nut-milk smoothie will secure your healthy start while catching that train.

Leg up

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional evening with a scented candle and hair mask – in fact, this form of r&r can work absolute wonders on the soul. But with long-term wellness as our goal, we’re encouraging a bit more effort. Whether it’s running, spinning, hiking or yoga, bringing exercise into your regime will boost endorphins, lower stress levels and step up circulation (yep, that means healthier skin and hair, too).

Sweet release

Now, you may be feeling like self-care is all sacrifice and hard work, but there’s still space to treat yourself. Massaging your skin and scalp with a nourishing oil is not only incredibly relaxing, it forces you to be present and in the moment. The skin-toning and follicle-stimulating benefits are simply a side effect.

Farewell coffee

We’re seeking an all-round calmer approach to life, so with that in mind, steer clear of anxiety-inducing caffeine and sip on herbal tea instead. Make this an hourly habit, and guess what the extra hydration will help…

Pillow talk

Sleep deprivation is a trigger for negativity and a lack of focus, so be sure to clock up your 6-8 hours each evening. A good night’s sleep is absolutely essential for skin regeneration and promoting healthy hair growth as well.

Breathe in

Rose water has long been lauded as a natural nourisher thanks to flavonoids, plus vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E. Used daily on your skin and scalp, it can help to hydrate and calm surface irritation, while a few deep breaths of the soothing scent can help you discover a moment tranquility.

Step outside

With city life filling up our working week, it’s important not to get lost in the hustle and bustle. Connect to nature whenever possible – seek out a green space for your lunch break, or replace part of your commute with a cycle or walk. The extra exposure to fresh air and vitamin D are sure to comfort your skin, scalp and soul.

Get help

Try as we might to DIY, some things require professional input. Maybe that means talking to someone about an issue that’s bugging you, or simply booking in an appointment for a facial or hair treatment – it’s these sort of check ups that will help you feel on top, and stay there.

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