July 18, 2024

Your neck is the first place you’ll notice visible signs of ageing

Not to be forgotten, the skin that makes up the décolletage – which runs between your chin and chest – is often the first place you’ll notice visible signs of ageing.

We’re talking fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and uneven skin tone. And there are a few reasons why. First, the skin on your neck is much thinner than the skin on your face – a bit like the skin under your eyes – and there’s not much of a support structure to keep it looking plump. Secondly, accumulative sun exposure of the years – plus a lack of sun protection – can cause your neck skin to age more quickly.

Thirdly: years of spraying perfume can lead to discolouration and a blotchy appearance. Add the above to the fact that gravity is *not* working in our favour (and we spend a hell of a lot of time sleeping/looking down at our smart phones – and you’ve got an area that is just screaming out to be cared for.

If you’re as much of a skincare junkie as the rest of us, you’re likely clued up on your moisturisers, facial serums, cleansers and exfoliators. And that’s just the start of it. But even those who care utmost about their complexions are often guilty of neglecting one area in particular. The neck. Despite them facing the same external aggressors – like pollution and sun damage – as our faces do.

Can you tighten neck skin?

Yes! You’ve probably been wondering do we need neck cream, like, really? But the best way to stop things from going south is by investing in one of the best neck creams. From moisturisers that tighten to neck serums that reduce discolouration, we’ve compiled a list of nine of the very best neck creams for you to shop right now. Your neck has never looked better.

What is the best neck cream that really works?

The best anti-aging neck cream is Emma Hardie’s Lift Sculpt, Firming Neck Treatment. It’s £65 from Space NK and is packed full of skin-transforming ingredients like collagen and elastin boosters which will improve tightness, reduce wrinkles and discolouration. The addition of omega and hyaluronic acid moisturise your skin endlessly, while the formulation feels cooling and soothing. And that’s not all – the packaging is seriously smart.

When you squeeze the tube, the neck cream is distributed onto a roller. Once you’ve got an ample amount of cream on the end, you click the collar to “off” and use the roller to massage the neck cream across your neck. The main benefit of this massage tool is a reduction in puffiness due to an increased blood flow to the area in question.

The best neck cream for firming is this works’ Perfect Cleavage Firming Lotion. Slightly cheaper at £38, it’s formulated with larch extract, algae, rose and Vitamin C to soothe, hydrate and tighten the skin around your neck and chest for a firmer and smoother appearance over time. We’re huge fans.

There’s also the it Cosmetics Confidence In a Cream Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturiser with Ceramides. One of the most searched-for neck creams of the bunch, it boasts and all-star cast of ingredients. We’re talking peptides, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid.

Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids that retain moisture and help reinforce the skin barrier, peptides help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles for the look of smoother, firmer skin and hyaluronic acid supports skin elasticity and plumps the look of fine lines and wrinkles. All-in-all, this neck cream is a cooling dream to apply and really does work.

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