Your guide to a lip-plumping pout (with zero needles in sight)

It’s official. We’re all obsessed with lips. And while it’s important to embrace and celebrate our natural beauty, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing what we have – and our lips are one of those areas many of us want to add a little more plumpness to.

If you’re looking to avoid lip injectables or any kind of surgery, enhancing your lips is about finding the right products and following the best tips.

First up, you may want to consider microneedling your lips. The popular skincare treatment involves tiny needles that cause micro-channels directly down into the deepest layer of the skin, mainlining skincare ingredients to the areas that can benefit the most.

And while it’s most commonly used on the forehead and cheeks, it’s also effective on the lips. GloPro’s range of microneedling tool including a new attachment specifically designed for lips, offering a slightly gentler treatment. After 60 seconds of rolling, you apply your favourite lip treatments to fuller effect.

Your guide to a lip-plumping pout (with zero needles in sight)

As to what products to choose, we’ve called upon Huda Kattan, renowned beauty blogger and founder of Huda Beauty, for her expert recommendations when it comes to giving lips that extra oomph.

Cinnamon: “Cinnamon’s been used in beauty for thousands of years, and because it stimulates blood flow so effectively, it’s one of the main ingredients in a ton of lip plumpers. For a lip plumper on the go, add a couple of drops of cinnamon oil to your fave lip gloss. For a more intense effect, mix cinnamon powder with something similar; Vaseline, olive oil, honey, or any balm, and apply this to your lips for a minute or so before removing with a damp towel. You’ll notice an intense tingling; this just means it’s working!”

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Wasabi: “Believe it or not, Wasabi isn’t just delicious with your sushi; it will also plump up your lips in no time at all. Rub a minimal amount over your lips and leave on for no more than a minute. It might feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s got to feel better than an injection!”

Peppermint Oil: “Like cinnamon, peppermint also causes a rush of blood to your lips. Mix peppermint oil with a little honey, apply to your lips and remove after one minute. Alternatively, add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip balm or gloss and plump as you go.”

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