June 22, 2024

You won’t believe what he looks like now

Appearing onThe Morning Showon Channel Seven, the 49-year-old looked almost unrecognisable after his 20 year transformation.

His signature flowing blonde hair and clean shave was gone, and instead, Jason revealed a dashing moustache, the early stages of a rugged beard and his natural brown hair. We have to say, the man’s aged like a fine wine.

Jason also recounted some stories from theSex and the Cityset, including the steamy sessions with Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall).

“It was a lot of takes and a lot of people. It was a good lesson in getting used to your natural state,” he said. “When you have lots of people in one scene, you have different people from different angles. I got to do it from many different directions. The poor cameraman had to deal with me. ”

Who remembers male model Jerry ‘Smith’ Jerrod from Sex and the City? You know, Samantha’s toy-boy lover who posed for that Absolut Vodka ad? And got totally naked in front of a live audience? Yep, you totally remember this guy…

Well, the actor who played Smith Jerrod, Jason Lewis, has appeared on an Australian television show, two decades after finding fame and setting pulses racing on Sex and the City.

Jason also spoke about why he thinks Sex and the City was –and still is –so popular.

“I think it starts with the title, ‘sex’,” he smiled. “Any good writing speaks for something we all experience and they did such a good job of doing that while keeping it funny and entertaining and sensational. ”

“But it was always something that was really heartfelt in each episode. ”

Since appearing in Sex and the City, Jason has starred in TV drama Midnight Texas, and films Seeds of Yesterday and If There Be Norms. He also takes part in regular charity work, teaming up with global charity ‘Best Buddies’ to help end social isolation.

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