June 24, 2024

You Still Miss Him And That’s Okay

You still miss him and that’s all. You do not need to repent of it. Since missing him does not make you weak. It doesn’t make you clingy or worthless. It simply demonstrates how much you enjoyed him.

Since he used to be your best love. He utilized to make your heart beat like crazy incidentally he considered you. He used to make every nerve in your body shiver incidentally he touched you.


You are not weak for missing out on the person who made use of to mean the world to you.

You’re not weak for thinking about him from time to time. For hoping to hear his voice once more. To see his face once more. To hear his laugh, even after all this moment.

You’re not useless for inspecting his Facebook account to see if he’s transformed his partnership condition or published a selfie with an additional girl.

You’re not insane for inspecting your phone to see if he’s called or texted you. You’re not crazy for intending to hear his voice once more.

You’re not insane for reliving old memories and attempting to determine just what failed in between you 2.

You still miss him– which’s all right.

Because you deserve to miss somebody you gave your heart and soul to. Somebody with whom you had a deep connection. Somebody whom you believed you were going to be together with forever.

You still miss him and also there’s absolutely nothing incorrect keeping that. Due to the fact that there isn’t a set day when you’re mosting likely to completely forget him and go on.

You still miss him and that’s fine due to the fact that no person can tell you or else. Neither your family members nor your good friends can forbid you to think of or miss him.

Yes, they can be tired of frequently hearing you speak about him, also if it’s been ages because you broke up, yet they do not have the right to tell you that you’re embeded the past.

You’re allowed to miss him because, even though your relationship fell short, there was a time when you were genuinely delighted together as well as when you really felt greatly happy for having each various other.

Remember you’re not weak and also worthless for missing him. Since missing him doesn’t indicate you’re still stuck on him. You might understand that you were never ever suggested for every various other. You could recognize that your separation was inevitable.

Missing him does not mean you’re not pleased where you’re right currently. It does not suggest you feel empty or shed. It doesn’t imply you desire you might restore the past.

You still miss him which’s fine. Just because he’s no longer in your life, it does not suggest he’s not allowed inside your ideas.

You’re permitted to miss him, my dear. If he hurt your feelings, even. Also if he broke your heart. Also if you’re certain that he’s forgotten you.


Because just those that have actually liked someone truly, unconditionally, as well as from all-time low of their heart know how difficult it is to forget that individual– also if their hopes have been smashed. If a lengthy period of time has actually passed, even. If that person has never ever deserved their love, even. Also if it still hurts.

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