June 21, 2024

You Shouldn’t Settle For Anyone or Anything But The Best

Of all the people in this world, you should never forget to love yourself. And you should always remember that you deserve nothing but the best, so you should never settle for less.

And it is your responsibility to yourself to try always to get what you deserve.

Especially when it comes to love. Because you can’t just love somebody else without loving and appreciating yourself first. Here is a situation that most of us have been through:

One day you might meet a special someone you feel attracted to with whom you’ll start planning your future because like most of us you know that sooner or later you have to commit seriously. Then, you might wake up one morning, and suddenly realize that your partner is not a person with who you could live for good.

The attraction may be there, but the attachment is not. There are things which are not for you in this person. They don’t give you the love and affection you are giving them. They don’t treat you the way you deserve, and this way make you feel lonely and unappreciated.

If all of these problems and others similar to them are present between you and your partner, you should consider ending the relationship. It’s a dead end street which leads nowhere.

Remember you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best!

And by staying in an unsatisfying relationship that has failed to deliver what it initially promised or what you expect of it, you are slowly destroying your self-esteem. You have too much love and devotion to give but just not to this person. So, stop wasting your time and energy. Don’t live in illusions about your feelings. And don’t lie to the other person either.

The heart knows exactly what you need and who you need, so you have to accept the fact that it’s not him or her.

And if you are the kind of person who believes that everybody is brought to you for a reason, then you also think that this person came to you as a lesson which you needed to learn to get ready for your forever person.

We all have many different qualities and things to offer so you shouldn’t give up on your aim to settle down.

Just let things progress and let your heart show you the way and the person who is right for you. Since not every person you feel attracted to is meant to be your future partner, remember that. Everyone we meet and each situation bring a lesson, so be open to learn and grow.

You crave for so many beautiful and incredible things in this world. And you need someone who recognizes and respects what you are looking for.

You deserve better than a simple attraction; you deserve much more than someone who brings pleasure to your eyes and body but doesn’t make you feel complete.

You deserve someone who is going to make an effort to be with you and would careabout you no matter if you’re around or not.

Don’t settle for anyone who does not put their heart and soul in loving you and being with you or thinking for you when you aren’t there.

And if your partner is not adevoted one, don’t hesitate to walk away. And start searching for the person who deserves you.

Allowing someoneto be in your life although they are not good enough for you is reinforcing their bad behavior. This way they become even more at ease to treat you badly and make you feel unhappy. And that is not okay. Someone that’s worth your time would have their focus on making you happy not the other way round.

Unfortunately very often in life, we end up settling for less than we deserve just because we are scared to change our situation. However, real life happens beyond our comfort zone. So we need to leave behind the comforts of familiarity and take the risk of changing things for the better.

Because a life that doesn’t bring us joy and satisfaction is a miserable life. Many people fall into a state of depression just because they feel stuck and don’t know where to turn, but you don’t have to settle for less. Especially when it comes to love.

We didn’t come into this life to accept what happens and settle; we came to fight for what we deserve, and prove that we can fulfill our dreams.

There’s nothing else left to add to that. Save your energyand emotions for a person who wouldn’t compare you to someone else, who would appreciate you and would accept you just the way you are.

You deserve someone who will love you, understand what you want and try to help you achieve your goals.

And you should never settle for anyone who is not ready to give you with all these things.

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