July 22, 2024

You May Have Broken Me, But You’ve Made Me Realize My Worth– So, Thank You!

Thank you for treating me the way you did. It showed me exactly how I don’t want to be treated. It likewise revealed me exactly how I are worthy of to be dealt with. Just how every person should have to be dealt with.

I do not deserve a person who will certainly make fun out of my problems and also inform me exactly how they are doing it out of love. I are entitled to somebody that will certainly make me really feel excellent about myself. Somebody that will certainly love me for every little thing that I am and also that won’t try to change me.

I don’t should have to be with somebody who makes me cry. I are worthy of someone who will certainly wipe my rips away as well as make whatever much better.

When I needed you, thank you for not being there. You showed me that you are not there to stay. And I require the one who remains.

Thank you for ripping off on me. Currently I know that it was never my mistake. Thank you for leaving me for the various other person. I evaded a bullet there. You have unconsciously conserved me from many years of discomfort.

I must likewise claim ‘Thank you’ for not loving me. Due to the fact that currently I found out how to enjoy myself. Yes, I like my scars, they all narrate with only one ending– that I’ve endured. I love my stretch marks, my smile, my odd toes. I like every little thing about my “incomplete” body.

And lastly, thanks for being the worst thing that has actually ever taken place to me. Now I understand exactly how to stand up for myself.

Likewise, thanks for showing me what a poisonous relationship appears like so that I can never become part of one once again. Thanks for smashing my heart to little bits, to ensure that I might find out to pick all the damaged items of me as well as enjoy them anyway.

I confess I repented for a long time. I simply couldn’t confess to myself or anyone that I allowed you to do what you did to me. I repented to tell my buddies and also household that I am still in a relationship with you after whatever you’ve put me via.

But fortunately, not any longer.

Due to the fact that you have actually conserved me from me. When you damaged the connection, you did what I wanted however could not do it. And also yes, it injured. Yet that discomfort is absolutely nothing compared to all the lessons I found out in the process.

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