You Can Wear Designer Emojis On Your Feet For $950

We’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about wearing your emotions on your feet? Well, if you’ve got $950 and the uncanny ability to pull off the ugly shoe trend (major props on both accounts), you can let the whole world know how you’re feeling via two little emojis that come festooned to these Vetements x Reebok sneakers, which are now available on Net-a-Porter.

Fittingly, it’s the “kiss face” and “eye roll” emoji, which pretty accurately describes my mixed feelings towards these shoes.

A subtle nod to Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia’s status as the reigning king of the fashion internet, the emoji also serve a functional purpose: pressing them inflates the shoes so they both hug your feet and give you maximum ’90s vibes.

Reebok invented their signature pump technology in 1989 and revived it in 2015, correctly banking on our collective nostalgia for all things pre-2000. Your average pair of Reebok Instapump Furys will set you back less than $200, so the insane price of these is likely due to the fact that they literally say “Vetements” all over them. That, or they’re paying an awful lot of money for the licensing rights to those emojis.

For those who prefer their footwear to be a little more subtle, the Vetements x Reebok collab also comes with shoes sans emoji. But honestly, if you’re gonna spend a thousand bucks on sneakers, go ahead and embrace the flashiness.

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