April 12, 2024

You can still buy the MAC lipstick Jennifer Aniston wore on the set of Friends

Fans ofFriends will recall Aniston’s character Rachel Green had no shortage oficonic 90s moments. Course, there wereTHAT haircutwhich single-handedly turned into an actual historical hair moment, theblonde highlightsand the perfectly layered haircut with a short, staggeredfringe.

Remember it? Course you do, you probably had it. And let’s not forget the brown, matte lip she wore, the one that’s been considered her classic beauty look.

If you thought we were done with the revival of 90s trends, think again. It’s pretty impossible to miss our favourite high street stores packed to the nines with slip dresses, platform boots and bootleg jeans and now, it’s seeping back into our make-up bags and you have one person to thank – Jennifer Aniston.

The good news is, Aniston has just revealed the exact product she wore in the show for all those years – and you can still get your hands on it. The actress told Pop Sugar in a recent interview that she used to put on MAC lipstick every single day. When asked what colour, the actress revealed, “MAC Paramount, particularly that colour of lipstick… because after all it was the ’90s. ”

The reddish-brown shade is known to be universally flattering to different skin tones, whether you’re fair or darker-skinned, which means you’re going to need to try it. If it’s good enough for Rachel Green…

The Friends star revealed her mum would: “Get the cheeks really rosy red, which is not cute looking back, but that was their generation. Now I think all ages are aware of skin health. We sure weren’t back in the ’90s. ”

Take note!

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