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The crisis broke out last fall, and, apparently, out of fear of the future, people began to buy up everything expensive in stores. For example – fur coats. In recent years, the mink has become more affordable thanks to loans – in the streets, in trams, in grocery supermarkets, literally one could watch a woman stepping proudly in a “black woman”.

Now passions for the mink have died down, but, perhaps, the whole point is that in the heat people are more thinking about bathing suits. Or did the crisis hit his pockets so much that the fur coats in them no longer fit? And is there now, in the middle of summer, the opportunity to prepare for the winter as economically as possible? The answers to these and other questions were sought by the correspondent of SE.

Fur traders note an increase in demand for fur coats from a goat and rabbit and call customers at reduced prices

The crisis on luxury goods – to which, despite the stormy protests of ladies who say that the mink is only needed for heat, there are mink fur coats, – according to observations of fur workers, it did not affect, even on the contrary: “The demand for fur coats does not decrease, profitable investment – it’s an apartment, a car, a fur coat, – Anna Malyutina, the director of the fur salon “Vikdan” is sure.

Sane people understand that this is the optimal investment of money with this instability of the dollar. ” And even in the summer, in the “off-season”, fur coats are sold. “The demand has not fallen,” confirms Natalia Udova, the director of the Snow Queen store. – We even now, in July, every day we sell it on an expensive fur coat, and closer to the beginning of the season – the consumer interest wakes up by September – I think that the sales volumes will be big again. ”

Summer prices

In general, in the summer in the fur stores are offered discounts. Now practically in all salons it is possible to buy fur coats for the cost reduced to 30%. The summer, according to the director of “Vikdan”, is the most successful time for buying fur coats: “In July, new collections are beginning to arrive, despite the summer flexible system of discounts and concessions in price”. It turns out that in the summer it is possible to have time to choose a fur coat from the largest offered assortment, and not from what is left.

In addition, in summer the sale of past collections continues: “Now we are selling the last season,” explains the director of the Snow Queen.

Fur coats are so-called “reinnovatsiyu” – they are “cleaned feathers” and sell with a 30% discount. For example, now you can find a mink for 55 thousand rubles.

In general, most buyers prefer classic models, and they do not change much from year to year, so it’s very profitable to buy fur coats from past collections. ”

By the way, the practice of selling fur coats on credit has not disappeared with the appreciation of the dollar – for example, in the stores “Vikden”, “Mouton-lux” right in the store, you can issue interest-free installments, and many other shops work under this scheme.

Let’s go, babe

It’s no secret that some ladies prefer to choose their own fur coats directly from the manufacturer in Greece or China. Konstantin Sartakov, director of the tourist company Muzenidis Travel, told the SHE reporter how the crisis affected the “fur coats”: “In summer, fur coats to Greece are not as popular as beach holidays, interest in such tourism is growing closer to October.

And while I can not predict how great it will be, but I can definitely say that the demand for the fur coats is unlikely to fall – they differ in the quality of fur, even many Italian brands sell Greek products under their own brands. In addition, it is likely that Greek producers will also have an anti-crisis program and they can reduce prices. ”

Other fur coats

It turns out, no one predicts the refusal of mink – the products from it still make up the largest part of all sales in fur stores. However, in shops, if you look closely, you can see skins and other animals. And it was in this direction that the crisis set a curious trend – the fashionable rabbit models come on the scene.

“Steel is noticeably more likely to buy cheaper fur,” says Natalia Udova, director of the Snow Queen, “observes. “For example, we have a sheared rabbit and a goat, they cost 25-30 thousand, from a distance very much resemble a mink mink, but the models are more original – beautiful, fashionable fur coats for less money.”

Mouton, a mink competitor in popularity, may well become the winner in the dispute over human souls. After all, due to the fact that the mink has become more accessible, and the mouton is lighter and more beautiful, the stereotype of the mink “luxury” is gradually being lost, and people can choose the fur that they think is more comfortable and warm: “The quality, design of domestic producers grows with each season, “says Irina Goncharova, director of the Mouton Luxury store. – And accessibility (a model coat from a mouton costs 23-24 thousand rbl.) Remains: the prices keep at a level of the last year and to grow in the near future will not be. Since July, new collections are beginning to arrive, and we are attracting customers: from July 24, for example, the action will begin – when buying fur coats as a gift. ”

About whether, in the near future, prices will rise in fur stores selling mink, it is for certain unknown. The director of the Wikden store optimistically assumes that, despite the growth of the dollar, the cost of fur will not rise. But those who, despite the economic unrest, did not abandon the idea of ​​investing their savings in soft gold, the shops advise to tackle this issue right now, in the summer. “Anti-crisis programs are working, but we can not say for sure whether the prices for fur coats will change by autumn or not,” warns the director of the Snow Queen. “But, in any case, they will not go down in stores, so in the summer, now, you can still buy a thing at the old price, unless you prefer trendy models – then it’s better to wait for new collections.”

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