June 13, 2024

Yolanda Hadid Takes Farm-to-Table to a Whole New Level at Her New Pennsylvania Getaway

Yolanda Hadid is here for summer. The model and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been living it up out on her Pennsylvania farm – which she purchased in spring 2017 – gussying it up to be the kind of cozy, intimate space where any host would love to throw a dinner party.

She recently shared a shot of a long wooden table with crisp white linen chairs set all around it, clearly ready for an alfresco dining experience. “When you work hard and your dreams become your reality,” she captioned the photo, using the hashtags “manifest,” “creation of the imagination,” and “our little slice of heaven. ”

A number of adorable potted succulents dot the table; nearby, a second, smaller stone table is set up with four red metal folding chairs surrounding it.

One of Hadid’s beloved white horses pokes its head out of the adjacent barn. In another recent photo, Hadid showed off the large amounts of lavender that grow on her farm, with a photo of her harvesting the fragrant plant: “First day of Lavender Harvest on the farm, so much gratitude for Mother Earth’s magical and healing gift bestowed upon us. ”

Last summer, Hadid chronicled her new beginnings at the farm, posting photos of herself with the horses, gardening outdoors, and otherwise leaning into her new farmer lifestyle (she also moved into an apartment in Manhattan relatively recently so that she can easily be close to her children when need be).

“Sometimes in order to find peace, you have to disconnect from people, places and things that no longer inspire you or grow your soul in order to live in your highest consciousness,” she captioned a photo of herself feeling liberated out in the countryside.

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