Even Simon Cowell Fanboyed Over This Singer

Mark my words: Joseph Allen is going places. The self-taught singer-songwriter auditioned for America’s Got Talent Tuesday and his exuberant smile had the entire audience erupting into cheers before he even began performing.

A 21-year-old Texas native, Joseph explained how he was inspired to participate in the NBC talent competition because of his desire to “make a major impact in the world” – and he certainly accomplished that!

Joseph sang and rapped an original song with lyrics that referenced the judges (e.g., “Everybody backstage, don’t be scared, ’cause up close, Simon looks just like a teddy bear”) and the show’s viewers (“America, can you hear me? This young man’s out here chasin’ dreams, I hope you see that clearly”).

As soon as Joseph finished, he fell to the ground in tears, and the entire audience and all four judges sprang to their feet, giving him a well-deserved standing ovation. Judge Simon Cowell full-on fan-boyed over Joseph’s performance, saying “I love you” three times while praising his voice and positive energy. Howie Mandel summed it up by saying, “You walked out with such exuberance, and that’s what life is. Life is a series of moments.

People at home are talking about this moment. People in this room are talking about this moment.” He climbed atop the judges’ table, shouting, “You said you want to leave a footprint, so I’m going to give you the footprint you need to leave,” slamming the golden buzzer button and sending metallic confetti flying through the air.

Ahead, watch Joseph’s inspiring audition and his emotional reaction to earning Howie’s golden buzzer. Calling it now: he and fellow singer Kodi Lee will be in the top two this season.

Zendaya Looks Like an Actual Angel at Her Fun-Filled Euphoria Premiere

All eyes were likely on Zendaya when she stepped out for the LA premiere of her new HBO show, Euphoria, on Tuesday night. The 22-year-old actress stunned in a heavenly white dress and was joined by costars Alexa Demie, Maude Apatow, Barbie Ferreira, Sydney Sweeney, Storm Reid, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, and Nika King, as well as executive producer Drake. I guess it was a good thing the Toronto Raptors weren’t playing the Golden State Warriors that night.

Euphoria is based on the Israeli series of the same name and follows a group of high school students as they navigate through drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love, and friendship.

Think: Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. During the premiere, Zendaya spoke to ET about her challenging role as Rue Bennett, saying, “I think we’ve all had to push ourselves and be vulnerable. It’s been hard and there’s been fun days and there’s been really tough days.” The eight-episode season premieres on HBO on June 16.

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