Barley flakes

Cereals made from whole grains of barley that are flattened into thin flakes. Barley flakes give the porridge and baking good bread taste. Produced from barley grains.

According to the technological process before flattening barley groats subjected to hydrothermal treatment, which consists of exposure to grain moisture and warmth in the form of saturated steam under pressure. The result of such exposure improves the consumer advantages of cereal – the taste and nutritional properties, appearance, increases the digestibility and nutritional value of the product.

Barley cereal produced in accordance with TU U 15.6-30150670-002:2005. The speed of cooking of the cereal allows you to save valuable nutrients that are destroyed with prolonged heat treatment.

The history of barley holoview

It is believed that the birthplace of barley is Asia, from which this culture spread further across virtually the entire globe. Today, even within the Himalayan mountains, people actively cultivate this grain. This is not surprising because the barley has just amazing ruggedness, it can perfectly grow in arid areas, very poor in relation to the chemical composition of the soil, even at an altitude of 5000 meters above the sea level.

According to historians, the main diet of gladiators and the soldiers of the Roman army was the barley. The ancient Greek thinkers and philosophers generally gave this cereal truly unique properties and believed that its use stimulates mental activity. In the modern world of this culture serves countless healthy and delicious food, among which a special place is given to the barley cereal.

As already mentioned, produce barley flakes whole grains with special technology that includes a few basic steps. First, the barley is cleaned from the husk, dust and possible dirt, then with the assistance of special press whole grains are flattened out and thin flakes. It is interesting that such a technological process of processing of barley strangely increase and taste parameters of barley flakes. Their production includes special handling steam, so that cooking barley flakes quickly and easily.

Useful barley flakes can be cooked in a hurry porridge, which will charge the whole family energy for the whole day. It is enough to pour 5-6 tablespoons of cereal with boiling water, and then boil for a few minutes, or just cover with a lid and wrap with a towel for 5-6 minutes. During this time the porridge will have well steamed and how to swell. For children to cook is preferable to sweet milk.

Like all cereals, barley flakes are perfectly combined with berries, fruit and nuts. The sugar in the cereal can be replaced with natural honey or your favorite jam. By the way, barley flakes are used in cosmetic purposes. For example, forstorage of color of the skin and its health, many beauty masks do or make broth for cleaning based on barley cereals.

Useful properties and composition

It is known that barley flakes and cosmetic of them have antiseptic properties and can rejuvenate the skin and the entire body. Because long ago the cereal product are related to the category of the most valuable foods for health and beauty.

Barley flakes can rightly attribute to the category of dietary products. In addition, all their valuable substances and compounds, whole barley without balance transfers and cereal. In their chemical composition contains valuable vitamins of group E, PP, B3, B4 and B6. That is, barley flakes even more useful than flour or even barley from the barley. Barley flakes a lot of vegetable protein, through which there is a rapid saturation, and the feeling of fullness lasts for a long time. No wonder this product is widely used in various slimming diets and treatment.

Dishes of barley flakes quickly and fully absorbed by the body and are a great option to prevent some pretty serious diseases. These include problems of the cardiovascular system, digestive tract, metabolic processes, etc.

The caloric value of barley flakes

The caloric value of barley flakes is 355 calories per 100 grams of product.

Composition barley flakes

Amino acid composition (particularly lysine) barley protein is more valuable than wheat protein. Barley flakes contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, chromium, iodine, vitamins B1, B2, PP.

Useful properties of barley flakes

Consumption of whole barley flakes does the metabolism, excrete toxins and salts of heavy metals.

Barley flakes are rich in dietary fiber – they are good to use for cleaning the body, people with overweight and diabetes. Flakes normalize metabolism, help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase hemoglobin levels, improve the condition of skin, hair and nails, promote healthy growth and development of children, increase immunity.

The content of vitamins and minerals

In General, barley flakes are the flattened whole-grain barley. When you add these flakes to the pastry, they contribute to the aroma of this bread. Barley flakes is one of the most nutritious cereals, protein which is considered to be one of the most rewarding. Despite the fact that this product betray to heat treatment, they contain a lot of vitamins such as B4, B6, B3, PP, vitamin E, and trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, chromium, potassium.

Useful properties

When used barley flakes improves metabolism, removes toxins from the body, and also salts of heavy metals. Barley flakes are Packed with useful dietary fibre, which help to strengthen blood vessels, increase hemoglobin in the blood, also improves the condition of nails, skin and hair, increase immunity. Barley flakes are very useful for the healthy development of children.


Many experts on healthy diet believe that barley flakes are one of the essential breakfasts. The method of cooking barley flakes pretty easy. To do this you need boiled water, about six tablespoons of cereal. First, pour the flakes with water and cover them with a lid and leave for seven minutes – that’s enough time so they have time to prepare. If you decide to feed the children cereal, it is better they make the milk for them, it will be much tastier. You can your taste add a little sugar or a pinch of salt. In the finished cereal can add some fruit or berries, add some dried fruit or some nuts. If neither one nor the other was not at hand in the cereal to add a spoonful of jam or natural eggs.

Barley flakes are used not only for diet but also in cosmetics. Increasingly popular, natural facial mask of barley flakes. Barley mask is antiseptic and has anti-aging effect.

Barley flakes in cooking

They can be cooked in milk or water with sugar and salt, in its sole discretion. If you are preparing barley flakes children, it is preferable to cook them in milk. Barley flakes and many other cereals are perfectly combined with berries, nuts, fruits, honey, jam.

Barley flakes: Harmful properties

Barley flakes can bring not only benefit, but harm. They cannot be used for people with a glycine enteropathy. It is also not recommended during pregnancy, as they contain many substances, excessive consumption of which there is a risk of premature birth. When you eat barley porridge, discard the egg whites.

Of course, before the systematic use of cereals, strongly recommended to seek advice from a dietitian, as only he will be able to determine the optimal dose of this product.

Barley flakes: Vitamins

Barley flakes contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, chromium, iodine, vitamins B1, B2, PP.

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